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WOW Women of Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions, Highlights from September 24th

0 out of 4

    WOW premiered last week with a new look of its revamped show, Roster/Credit: WOW Women of Wrestling

    Women of Wrestling was back on Saturday night to debut its second episode of the latest iteration of the promotion.

    The hour-long show showcased some fresh talent alongside some familiar faces, giving fans a glimpse of what we can expect in the future. Here’s the ticket from Saturday’s show:

  • The Heavy Metal Sisters vs. Miami Sweet Heat
  • Ice Cold and Foxxy Fierce vs. Jessie Jones
  • Glitch the Gamer vs. Leia Makoa
  • Princess Aussie vs Reina Del Rey

Let’s take a look at how the second episode of the new season of WOW went.

The Heavy Metal Sisters vs. Miami Sweet Heat

1 out of 4

    The first match of the night was part of the ongoing Tag Team Championships tournament. Laurie and Lindsey Carlson took on Fury and Razor.

    Laurie started the match against Razor and they wasted no time in picking up the pace. Both teams made frequent tags and used double-team offense whenever they could.

    Miami Sweet Heat was able to get the win to advance to the next round. This was a fun little spring of a match, but none of the four competitors stood out. That’s probably a good thing in a way.

    Winner: miami sweet heat

    Class: C+

    Notable moments and observations

  • Mezmeriah did a good job without taking attention away from the ring while still being active ringside.
  • It’s always weird to see a 16×16 ring being used for a TV production because most of them are 20×20. It feels like there’s so much less room to move around that they can’t over-run anything.
  • Linsey and Laurie’s tag finisher is a move we’ve seen a lot from other teams, but they made it look pretty good as a finish.

Ice Cold and Foxxy Fierce vs. Jessie Jones

2 out of 4

    The second fight of the second episode was supposed to be a one-on-one match between Ice Cold and Foxxy Fierce. The latter even got a short video package to introduce her to the crowd.

    Jessie Jones came out with a mic to complain about not being made aware of the ongoing tag tournament despite being one of the champions. She said that although she no longer had a partner, she could have defended the belts on her own, and to prove it, she told Ice Cole and Fierce that she would take on both of them at once.

    Fierce put up a decent fight, but Ice Cold gave off a lot of size and power to Jones. Jones won the match with a kimura, but when she refused to release the hold, Fierce tried to break it. Jones took her away and celebrated with a short promo.

    That match was fine and firmly established Jones as a top heel, but it did little to make Ice Cold stand out, especially since she didn’t get her own video package, promo, or appearance.

    Winner: Jessie Jones

    Class: C

    Notable moments and observations

  • Fierce has a great energy about it. Lots of charisma and a style that gets noticed.
  • AJ still seems a little insecure when it comes to comments, but that’s getting better with time.
  • Ice Cold moves well in the ring. She will be one to keep an eye on.
  • The finish looked good, but some of the other moves Jones hit seemed awkward.

Glitch the Gamer vs. Leia Makoa

3 out of 4

    The island of Samoa is well represented in pro wrestling and WOW is no different. Leia Makoa received a nice video package to introduce her to the audience.

    She faced Glitch the Gamer in the third fight on the map. Makoa found himself on defense early on, but like previous games, it never felt like one person was in control for too long.

    The way matches are structured in WOW is clearly designed to give both women a chance to handle the crowd. There was a lot of back-and-forth, counter-attacking, and passing from the crowd.

    Leia came close to a win with a Samoan Drop that resulted in a near fall, but scored the win moments later. It was quick but gave us a good idea of ​​what both women are about.

    Winner: Leia Makoa

    Class: C+

    Notable moments and observations

  • Glitch’s clothing was cool, but making his whole person a gamer is certainly a choice. Time will tell if she’s done with the gimmick.
  • The announcers used some gamer terminology and phrases when talking about glitch. AJ even brought up the Game Shark. It felt a bit forced after the first few minutes.
  • The two count after the Samoan Drop was great. Glitch kicked out as close to three as possible.

Princess Aussie vs Reina Del Rey

4 out of 4

    Princess Aussie was given a lengthy video package to give fans an idea of ​​who she is before taking on one of WOW’s other rising talents, Reina Del Rey.

    Aussie offered a handshake, but Del Rey wasn’t interested in upholding anything like the code of honor. She pushed Aussie away and they started fighting.

    Del Rey had the size and power advantage, but the princess used her speed to stay and move until she took a neckbreaker over the middle rope that stopped her.

    This was arguably the best game of the night from both a technical and entertainment point of view, so putting it in the place of the main event was a smart move. Everything they did looked good, which can’t be said for the previous three fights.

    It seemed like Aussie was about to pull off an underdog win after a rocket dropkick, but Del Rey was able to bounce back and hit a big slam for the pin and the win.

    Winner: Reina Del Rey

    Class: B

    Notable moments and observations

  • The video for Princess Aussie was kind of unique compared to other video packages. It was like they wanted to tell their whole story in just a few minutes. It did a good job of immediately establishing her personality.
  • Aussie had a cool sprocket. Del Rey chose a simpler approach that suited her no-nonsense attitude.
  • Del Rey’s chops looked stiff. There was an audible crack every time it hit one.

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