World’s First Hyper Scooter: ‘Dragonfly’ Boasts 4 Wheels, Full Suspension

When a multinational team of engineers rethinks urban mobility and e-scooter technology, the world’s first hyper scooter is born.

E-scooters have revolutionized the way people get around in urban environments. They are compact, easy to drive, cheap to “fuel” and leave a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gas-powered vehicles.

companies like lime and Byrd have invested heavily in e-scooter technology, and as such these commuters are also popular with individuals getting from A to B.

But the two-wheeled versions commonly found in and around cities are basic. There’s not much flashy or stylish about them, and the technology isn’t anything to write home about.

D fly saw this as an opportunity. It assembled an A-Team of award-winning engineers from the US and UK and designed and developed the world’s first “hyper scooter” – the Dragonfly.

E-scooters have never looked so sexy.

The Dragonfly Electric Scooter: What Makes “Hype” “Hyper”?

D-Fly Hyper Scooter next to the car in the garage

D-Fly calls its scooter “the urban mobility equivalent of a supercar.” How does that qualify it?

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First and foremost, the Dragonfly’s steering works less like a scooter and more like a moon rover. It uses patented Full tilt 3D steering, which means all four wheels turn in sync with the rider – a huge improvement over traditional scooter steering.

The Dragonfly was also engineered for a smooth ride. It features double wishbone suspension, fully adjustable hydraulically damped spring suspension on all four wheels, adjustable deck suspension and full axle articulation. So even when you’re driving over bumpy tarmac, dirt roads, or gravel, the Dragonfly sounds like it’s absorbing shock like a sponge.

This scooter is also fast. Most commercially available e-scooters reach a speed of 24 to 32 km/h. The Dragonfly e-scooter’s dual 550W motors can output up to 1,650W of energy, increasing the top speed of the world’s first hyper scooter to 40km/h.

Ride with traffic on bike lanes or ride at a slower speed on the safety of a sidewalk.

The Dragonfly Control Display is a 3.5 inch digital color screen showing speed and speed mode, driving range, light status and battery power. The display even has onboard driving sounds and spoken navigation.

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However, one of the most important features is security. Users can lock their e-scooter with a four-digit PIN that reveals the entire system. If someone tampers with it, an audible alarm will notify the owner and a built-in GPS tracker system will detect its location if stolen.

And of course the Dragonfly gets extra points for style. Compared to conventional e-scooters and e-bikes, this one looks downright chic.

City exploration, off-road adventure

D-Fly Hyper Scooter on the street

D-Fly comes out of the gate with two different models of their Dragonfly scooter: the DF and the DFX. For those who only want to use the brand’s Dragonfly in urban environments with slick roads and sidewalks, the DF is ideal ($1,850 MSRP).

However, if you want to rock and roll on variable terrain, the DFX ($2,200 MSRP) is the off-road version of the D-Fly. It comes with handguards, a fender and front and rear rack accessories.

Both models feature electric front brakes, headlights, traction control, an extra wide deck, and brake and turn signals for added safety. And both models are made from aerospace-grade aluminum and automotive-grade polymers.

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The macro of micromobility

Guy on D-Fly Hyper Scooter on sidewalk

As people work harder to avoid consuming fossil fuels, micromobility is changing the way we get around cities. E-bikes and e-scooters take cars off the road and reduce CO2 emissions around the world.

As the technology surrounding micro-mobility evolves and becomes safer and more reliable, more people will be interested in EVs. Especially when high-end (hyper) models like the Dragonfly come onto the market. The world’s first hyper scooter is not only fast, comfortable and sustainably powered, but also a high-tech device that impresses with its ultra-modern look.

The Hyper Scooter Dragonfly DF and DFX is available from indiegogo. Cash D Fly website for more informations.

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