Up Close with Macka Diamond

You may know her music and follow her on social media, but do you really know who Macka Diamond is?

Macka Diamond, born Charmaine Munroe, is a Jamaican artist, singer and songwriter. She was born in Kingston and grew up in Portmore. She was known as Lady Charm, Lady Worries and Lady Mackerel early in her career in the 1980s. She was influenced by artists like Sister Nancy, Lady Ann, Lady Junie and Lady G who were big at the time. After a string of singles, including collaborations with Captain Barkey and Wickerman, she changed her name to Macka Diamond with her 2003 single TekCon.

The dancehall sensation is known for delivering outstanding performances, often silencing naysayers who believe it’s time for her to retire. Her last appearance on Alkaline New Rules did just that! Her performance was full of jokes and a lot of humor that kept the guests entertained throughout their set.

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But who really knows the real person behind the celebrity? Here are ten things you should know about Macka Diamond.

1 What would you do if you weren’t a recording artist?

I think I would be in the fashion world, modeling or something. Maybe even a barber or makeup artist, something creative.

2 Were you an A, B, or C student in high school?

A and B students at Holy Childhood High, never C!

3 What is your favorite color?

I love red because it’s so vibrant!

4 Do you have a favorite fruit?

I have three favorites; Growing up I loved mangoes, growing up I loved watermelon and cucumber, yes cucumber is a fruit! lol

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5 What’s your ideal date – fancy restaurant or cooking at home?

I love dressing up and going out to nice restaurants, even if it’s not a date. I love trying new dishes as long as they are meatless.

6 Have you dated outside of your race? would you get married outside

Sure I would marry outside of my race! Love can be found anywhere and with anyone. Yes, I have dated outside of my race and would definitely do it again.

7 Who is your favorite recording artist?

I honestly don’t have any. Just good music and atmospheric songs that I love.

8th Where was your most memorable performance?

Performing at Reggae Sumfest years ago in my suit with money all over it was my most memorable performance of all time. For 2022, my performance at Alkaline’s New Rules in Jamaica in July really stood out and is my new absolute favorite.

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9 Have you ever stolen towels from a hotel?

Who hasn’t?! lol I just won’t name names because they may still have my credit card on file!

10 Who is your celebrity crush, then or now?

I was and still am a huge fan of LL Cool J, those lips!

I bet you didn’t know all these cool things about Macka Diamond. The 40-year veteran is definitely a force to be reckoned with as she continues to make strides and make her mark on dancehall.

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