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Reggae kings will reign at Queen’s Park Savannah in Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) in November when four faithful of the genre rain bolts of consciousness onto the venue during an event titled ‘Kings of the Earth’.

Rastafarian messengers Coco Tea, Sizzla, Capleton and Anthony B were specially chosen for this musical mission that Trinidadian producer, promoter and Grammy-nominated songwriter Vychalle ‘Kid’ Singh and his team sought to market, themed The Return to Consciousness . This is the first edition of this annual concert concept which, according to the team, “reminds everyone that in times of social media and quick access to all kinds of information, one must always be aware of reality”.

positive content

Singh added that the assembled cast has “a wealth of positive content” and none of these talented artists “who are all favorites and never disappoints the reggae fans of the world” have performed in Trinidad since the pandemic.

When asked what exactly triggered this need to return to consciousness, Singh gave a thought-provoking answer as he brought back memories of “the time when the music of Sizzla, Capleton and Anthony B raised crime rates in the… entire diaspora…when every youngster wanted to grow their hair and lead a more conscious lifestyle”.

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He continued: “Personally, I feel like we need to do more as a people to raise awareness. These particular artists have had a major impact on Trinidad & Tobago, among many others. I would even go so far as to say that most of these artists consider T&T a second home. With that in mind, I think balance is key. I don’t point fingers or blame anyone for expressing themselves through their art, but the media needs to do justice to awareness and strike a balance. This is our way of creating that balance through Kings of the Earth.”

Putting together this all-star cast of “Consciousness” was no challenge for Singh, largely due to the relationships this Caribbean citizen has built and nurtured through invaluable partnerships. For example, he has worked with Sizzla for more than 18 years as both an engineer and producer and over the decades has been able to earn the respect of and develop professional relationships with every artist in the cast.

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“It literally took a few hours to seal the deal with all four reggae icons. The actual date of November 26 has no special meaning. We had to work with a date that was convenient for all the companies involved,” explained Singh.

All of the artists have energized the promotion by showing the ads on their social media platforms, one of which is an endorsement from DJ Khaled’s Kings of the Earth.

Singh and his team are no newcomers to concert playing and as a collective they are responsible for events such as Monster Energy Summer Jam; I remember; LIV, a benefit concert for the Cancer Society; Hennessy Artistry; TOTR and The International Soca Monarch. They promise an unrivaled overall experience through a first-world production in terms of stage, lighting, sound, art, music, self-expression and positive content.

“The Caribbean flair that we share between our islands in terms of our cuisine, beverages, vernacular and dance to name a few is unique in the world and more partnerships between our similar but different cultures should be marketed to global travelers and media , so that reinvestment and development could be achieved to improve the lives of all stakeholders,” Singh stressed.

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Organizers expect thousands of visitors from across Trinidad and Tobago to flock to Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain’s largest open recreation area, on Saturday November 26, but admitted it’s difficult to count predict as there is such daily entertainment around the island.

Singh was happy to share that a portion of proceeds from the concert will be donated to a helpline that will focus primarily on issues such as conflict resolution, anger management, adult literacy and other issues affecting the young male and female citizens of our twin islands worry condition. The hotline will be staffed by trained, experienced psychologists and counseling professionals and the consortium is currently identifying lifelong corporate partners in the private and public sectors.

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