Trainwreck calls out “corrupt” Twitch after gambling ban

Popular streamer Trainwreck has called Twitch “corrupt” after announcing the gambling ban would not affect sports betting.

In recent months, Trainwreck has come under scrutiny for its gambling streams.

Just hours after Sliker apologized for “cheating” fans out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his gaming habits, streamers began calling for a ban on this form of entertainment.

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Trainwreck hit back at those streamers, claiming Twitch needs to ban individual creators instead. However, on September 20th, Twitch announced that they would be issuing a policy change regarding gambling.

Train took to Twitter the next day, calling the platform “corrupt” for not including sports betting in its policy announcement, just days after Amazon signed a partnership with popular sports betting app DraftKings.

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Train calls Twitch ‘corrupt’ after gambling ban

On September 21st, Trainwreck released a series of tweets about the recent ban.

“The inconsistency of not banning sports betting is corruption considering you have your hands in the cookie jar of the $13 billion NFL deal,” he said. “[and] The fact that you virtuous streamers pretend to care about “gambling,” remain silent when it’s 100x the market and more common is just as corrupt.”

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In a reply to another user, Train explained his thoughts.

He explained: “Baning other forms of gambling while keeping the most common form of it that pays for it is a damn joke and a mistake, instead they should have banned the people who are doing it wrong and in a predatory way, no -transparent fashion.”

in one third tweetTrain went on to call other streamers “fucking hypocrites.”

On September 13, just days before the gambling ban, it was announced that Amazon had partnered with DraftKings as “sponsor and exclusive pregame odds provider” for Thursday Night Football on Prime Video.

The announcement revealed that TNF will feature DraftKings integrations during the audition, including “odds and additional sports betting insights.”

Although this partnership is not directly integrated with Twitch, Amazon has owned the platform since 2014.

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