The Richest Billionaire in Every State

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Do you live near a billionaire?

Important points

  • 748 of the world’s 2,668 billionaires live in the United States
  • More than half of them live in California, New York and Florida.
  • The other half is spread across the country, with billionaires settling in 42 out of 50 states.

The stock market had a tough 2022. According to Bloomberg, the world’s 500 richest people collectively lost $1.4 trillion in the first half of this year. Which American billionaire lost the most? Since Sept. 8, Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reduced his net worth by $65.2 billion as TikTok surges. Zuckerberg won’t starve, he’s still worth $60.3 billion, which puts him 19th on Bloomberg’s billionaire index. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos continue to lead the rankings with $254 billion and $153 billion, respectively.

There are 2,668 billionaires in the world, of which 748 or 28% live in the US. Together they are worth $1.4 trillion and the US has billionaires living in 42 of its 50 states. California leads with 186 billionaires, New York with 135 and Florida with 78, while the remaining 337 live in the other states. Here is a list of the richest billionaires by state, their net worth, their industries and their rankings in the world.

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The richest billionaire in every state

  • Arizona: Ernest Garcia II, $4.4 billion, consumer, #616
  • Arkansas: Jim Walton, $59,B, retail, #16
  • California: Larry Page, $93.3B, Technology, #9
  • Colorado: Philip Anschutz, $11.0bn, diversified, #172
  • Connecticut: Ray Dalio, $19.1B, Finance, #80
  • Florida: Thomas Peterffy, $21.7B, Finance, No. 65
  • Georgia: Bernard Marcus, $8.4 billion, retail, #240
  • Hawaii: Larry Ellison, $102.4B, Technology, #6
  • Idaho: Frank VanderSloot, $3.1B, Retail, #915
  • Illinois: Ken Griffin, $31.0B, Finance, #38
  • Indiana: Carl Cook, $9.9B, Healthcare, #191
  • Iowa: Harry Stine, $7.8 billion, Industrial, #280
  • Kansas: Charles Koch, $56.2 billion, Industrial, #20
  • Kentucky: Tamara Gustavson, $8.3B, Services, No. 246
  • Louisiana: Gayle Benson, $4.7B, diversified, #563
  • Maine: Susan Alfond, $2.3 billion, retail, #1268
  • Maryland: Stephen Bisciotti, $6.4 billion, diversified, #397
  • Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson, $20.8 billion, finance, #73
  • Michigan: Daniel Gilbert, $17.4 billion, real estate, #91
  • Minnesota: Glen Taylor, $23bn, diversified, #1299
  • Mississippi: James Duff and Thomas Duff, $2.2 billion, diversified, #1307
  • Missouri: Pauline MacMillan Keinath, $7.2B, Commodities, #319
  • Montana: Dennis Washington, $6.4 billion, Industrial, #398
  • Nebraska: Warren Buffett, $98.7 billion, diversified, #7
  • Nevada: Miriam Adelson and Family, $27.0 billion, Entertainment, #49
  • New Jersey: John Overdeck, $6.8 billion, Finance, No. 351
  • new York: Michael Bloomberg, $76.8 billion, Finance, #12
  • North Carolina: Tim Sweeney, $7.6B, Technology, #285
  • Ohio: Les Wexner and family, $6bn, retail, #412
  • Oklahoma: Harold Hamm and family, $21.0B, Energy, #71
  • Oregon: Phil Knight and Family, $42.4 billion, Consumers, #26
  • Pennsylvania:Jeff Yass, $30B, Finance, #39
  • Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson, $3.1B, Finance, #934
  • South Carolina: Anita Zucker, $1.7B, Industrial, No. 1667
  • South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford, $2B, Finance, #1442
  • Tennessee: Thomas Frist Jr. and Family, $18.1 billion, Healthcare, #85
  • Texas: Elon Musk, $263.7 billion, Technology, #1
  • Utah: Gail Miller and Matthew Prince, $4 billion, retail, #693
  • Virginia: Jacqueline Mars, $37.6B, Food and Beverage, #29
  • Washington: Jeff Bezos, $153.2 billion, Technology, #3
  • Wisconsin: John Menard Jr., $17.3 billion, retail, #96
  • Wyoming: John Mars, $37.6 billion, finance, #207
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The states without a billionaire are North Dakota, New Mexico, Alaska, Alabama, West Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Delaware. There are eight different women who hold the title of the richest billionaire in their states. Warren Buffett is the oldest on this list at 92 years old. These billionaires made their fortunes through video gaming, healthcare, retail, and energy. Many have invested wisely and continued to invest in better ones.

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