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A man gives up to 40% of his income to UBF for 20 years and then finds out that his chapter director’s wife has coerced his wife into aborting two of their babies. He decides he has no choice but to leave UBF. Just after he leaves, he finds out that his former chapter director has denounced him in the following Sunday sermon as someone who has “left Jesus.”  (Link)

A woman gives up her youth and even the care of her children to serve as the UBF leader’s secretary. Her husband dies. She decides to leave UBF. The UBF leader turns three of her children against her, and they treat her like a pariah. (Link)

A woman is put through two disastrous and short-lived “marriages-by-faith,” both ordered and arranged by the UBF leader. The UBF leader coerces her to give up her son from her first marriage to another UBF couple for almost a year. After the quick disintegration of her second marriage, the UBF leader orders her to abort the baby from her second marriage. (Link)

People who show signs of wanting to leave UBF have the doors to their dwellings literally nailed shut or boarded up. (Link)

People who once called you brother, sister, son, daughter, friend or coworker now call you Satan, demon-possessed, “worldly”, “Humanist”, or “Hallelujah Christian” because you have followed your conscience and have left UBF.

These are just some of the very real abuses that people have experienced in UBF.  Quite naturally, such abuses have caused real wounds.

These are some symptoms that former cult members report: Vague feelings of guilt, the feeling that every bad thing that happens is somehow “punishment,” depression, paranoia, lack of self esteem, social alienation, fear of joining groups or making commitments, insomnia. Not surprisingly, former UBF members experience many of these same symptoms. See the following list of resources which may be helpful to people recovering from their experiences in UBF. This list may also be useful for people struggling to leave UBF or helping someone else to leave. Most of these resources have been recommended by former UBF members.

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