Strange World – Plugged In

Movie Review

You might say that this is a shocking discovery.

Pando—a plant found by the famous Clade family in the farthest and coldest reaches of Avalonia—literally chokes anyone who picks one of its peppy green berries. But when electric fruit makes a poor snack, it makes a really good resource. And pretty much everything is revolutionary.

After all, it’s not like Avalonia can import coal or oil from foreign countries to keep the lights and hovercraft going. Those who know their citizens, there are that is there is no foreign land. The only known land was, well, Avalonia—surrounded by mountains that no one could climb or cross. And the whole country is completely without lights and hovercrafts for its candlelit history.

Jaeger Clade is always good to have never has been discovered, if we are honest. Avalonia’s greatest explorers aren’t looking for mamby-pamby plant when he and his intrepid team ran in the chapter. He will do what no Avalonian has ever done. He wanted to climb his mountain and see what was on the other side.

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But Searcher Clade, Jaeger’s son, spotted the berries and argued that they had to tote them back down the mountain. Why, he could reshape Avalonia’s future, Searcher said.

“Searchers, we explorernot a gardener,” Jaeger said.

Then, Searcher had the courage to tell Jaeger that he was not explorer. They never want to be an explorer. And this plant can cause Avalonia manner more than a little climb over an unclimbable mountain. Then—as if only to cure him—everyone on Jaeger’s team dared not agree.

So on a snowy day, father and son separated: Jaeger went to the mountains and disappeared. Searcher took the plant down to Avalonia and, indeed, changed the world. Well, admittedly, the plant do the work. But still, Searcher got a nice sculpt – next to one of the elaborate pops.

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It’s been 25 years now, and the Searcher is putting his explorer stuff in the closet. Instead, he worked with a rake and a hoe. Searcher and his family (wife Meridian and son Ethan) are now farmers—one of many who grow a miracle crop.

But now, something seems to be wrong with pando. It is dying-blighted by some strange disease. The president of Avalonia, Callisto Mal, said that every crop in the country could be infected within a month.

But Callisto had a plan: If it could travel down under Avalonia—where Pando’s roots flow into what is rumored to be the central heart of the plant—perhaps can figure out what killed pando and figure out how to fix it.

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Oh, yes: Callisto said “she.” He wants Searcher to dig out his explorer duds and come up with. No one knows Pando better than him.

Son Ethan wants to come too. But Searcher insists that it would be too dangerous. He still had terrifying memories of scaling immeasurable cliffs and crossing rivers his own father had never been able to do. He wouldn’t make Ethan suffer like he did.

“I will not put your life in danger,” Searcher told his son. “Never.”

But what if Ethan is 16 years old want to risk his life? What if he wasn’t built to be a farmer? What if there was a little bit of Jaeger inside him?

And what if Ethan decides to sneak in Callisto’s hovercraft? Would you be…surprised?


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