Splatoon 3: Best Weapons Tier List

There are 54 primary weapons included turn 3, most of which return, albeit slightly altered, from the previous installments in the series. Each contains a kit with a secondary weapon and a special option that will look familiar to longtime fans. However, you want to know which are the best ones to make the most of each Turf War and Salmon Run match.

This turn 3 The guide lists the best weapons ranked from Tier S to Tier B. Try to get these with yours hard-earned Sheldon licenses First.

S Tier Weapons


  • Type: Protect.
  • Damage: 47.
  • area: 50.

No other weapon is associated with it splatoon as does the Splattershot, and for a reason: this weapon retains its position as the best weapon in the entire series due to its high rate of fire.

Not only the design was slightly changed turn 3but also the weapon kit that is now included suction bomb and Trizooka instead of Burst Bomb and Splashdown from the first two games.

Suction Bomb is a sticky explosive that has a larger radius than Splat Bomb, and Trizooka is an AoE type weapon that creates a wide spiral arc of ink.

0.52 gal

  • Type: Protect.
  • Damage: 75.
  • area: 55.

This shooter might not have as high a rate of fire as Splattershot, but it does You don’t need more than one or two shots to hit opponents.

With the .52 Gal, the developer has decided to bring back their original gun kit from the first game, which includes splash wall and Killer Howl 5.1.

Splash Wall is particularly useful, preventing enemies from attacking and effectively acting as a massive shield, while Killer Wail sends out six emitters that seek out and splash enemies. This means you can still use both your main and sub-weapons and keep firing the emitters.

Glooga dualies

  • Type: dualism.
  • Damage: 76.
  • area: 66.

Those who have perfected their dodge roll mastery will love Glooga Dualies; it increases both range and damage after you perform a dodge roll. Just like the .52 gallon shooter uses this gun splash wall as a secondary weapon, but the kit also includes Booyah Bomb.

This special weapon is designed to work in tandem with your allies, as its power depends on how many Booyahs your teammates can give you, and when they do, their own special gauge will automatically charge up.

Tier A Weapons


  • Type: Slosher.
  • Damage: 85.
  • area: 58.

Speaking of Splash Wall, if you want a weapon that can hit opponents beyond the wall, then Slosher is your best bet. It allows you Check the direction of the inkblot. If you want it to go in a straight line, you can do that; If you want the ink to go over the wall or fall from above, you can do that too.

Most importantly, Slosher deals the same damage regardless of range, while other weapons lose damage the farther the ink travels.

Dapple Dualies

  • Type: Duali.
  • Damage: 47.
  • area: 24

If you like the idea of ​​using dodge rolls to increase your stats, but you want to better accuracy and rate of fire Instead of damage and range, Dapple Dualies would be a solid alternative.

The only downside here is that Dapple Dualies require shorter dodge rolls than Glooga Dualies, which you can easily perform while sneaking up behind an opponent.

The special kit of this weapon also includes tactical coolerwhich provides all allies with soda drinks that restore 57 skill points.


  • Type: Protect.
  • Damage: 52.
  • area: 77.

Squeezer is one of the most flexible shooter weapons ever turn 3so you can switch between them semi-automatic and fully automatic mode.

It is particularly accurate in semi-auto mode and far more reliable than most other ranged weapons. His weapon kit includes splash wall and Trizookaboth of which are very useful.

The only thing keeping Squeezer from being a top choice is a low rate of fire, which can be mitigated somewhat by getting closer to your targets.

B-Tier Weapons


  • Type: Slosher.
  • Damage: 29
  • area: 85.

Taking control of the most complicated maps is Bloblobber’s greatest asset. It is Ink balls can travel Yes, really far and overcome the most challenging surface obstacles.

However, using this weapon effectively is not an easy task, and many new players may find it unbearable. But if you manage to control ink usage then you have a really powerful tool in your hands.

Strong splash

  • Type: splash.
  • Load: 38.
  • area: 78.

Most Splatling and Charger weapons are quite powerful, but only in the hands of experienced players. This is another weapon that is difficult to master.

The advantage is that it has huge reachwhat it allows you control areas from above. You’ll have plenty of time to charge up Heavy Splatling, which is absolutely necessary, although you’ll need to be in humanoid form to do so.

Also, his Sprinkler secondary weapon can be used as a light shield, which helps when you desperately need to charge your Splatling.

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