Shashi Tharoor’s Reaction to Truck Carrying Copies of Thesaurus Leaves Internet ‘Bewildered’

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is being hailed as a wordsmith for all the right reasons. His witty answers, sense of humor, and above all impeccable knowledge of ‘words’ often leave the internet impressed. On Wednesday, Tharoor shared an image, showcasing the crash of a truck loaded with copies of Roget’s Thesaurus. Well, if you’re expecting a never-before-heard word from Parliament’s dictionary, you’re likely to be disappointed. Why? This is because the job was done well by the caption that came along with the photo. The sentence was not only long, but it also came with a series of synonyms. While the first line of the statement informs about the accident of the truck, with thousands of copies of Roget’s Thesaurus, the remaining sentence describes the state of witnesses with many synonyms.

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“A lorry loaded with thousands of copies of Roget’s Thesaurus crashed yesterday, losing its entire load. Witnesses were stunned, stunned, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, rattled, paralyzed, bewildered, bewildered, confused, astonished, bewildered, and dumbfounded, unbewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, , wounded, speechless, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, bewildered, disturbed, and breathtaking,” read the image’s caption.

The icing on the cake was Shashi Tharoor’s tweet. Sharing the post, Tharoor wrote, “a smile to brighten the morning.”

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Let’s see how Twitteratis reacted to Shashi Tharoor’s post:

“Well that’s just my vocabulary on the road,” said one user.

Another praised the “great use of thesaurus in a tweet.”

One of the users suggested a word that could replace all the synonyms mentioned in the post. It has a Tharoor connection. The user said: “Maybe we should add a new word to the dictionary that means and replaces all those words and just say “Witnesses were tharoored.”

In response to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet, a Twitterati made a comment on behalf of all average Indians. And it’s oh-so-relatable, “samjh nahi aaya lekin padh ke accha laga (didn’t understand anything but felt good after reading).”

What are your thoughts on Shashi Tharoor’s post?

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