Red Bull Mission Statement | Vision | Core Values | Analysis

Company: RedBull GmbH
chairman: Dietrich Mateschitz
Founding year:
Fuschl, Austria
number of employees:
annual sales (2021): $8.8 billion
profit | net income (2021): $4.6 billion

Products: Energy Drinks ǀ Zero Calorie Drinks | Sugar Free Drinks | energy shots
Competitors: : Keurig Dr Pepper | PepsiCo | The Coca Cola company | monster drink

Did you know? Red Bull was originally a Thai drink made and marketed primarily to construction workers, truckers, and farmers to keep drowsiness at bay. The classic version of Red Bull is cuter than the European version. Dietrich Mateschitz tried the drink for the first time against his jet lag. The blend of caffeine and taurine immediately reduced his airplane hangover, and that was the humble beginning of bringing Red Bull onto the global stage.

Red Bull GmbH is a leader Austrian-Thai private company known for its variety of energy drinks available under the same name. The renowned energy drink company sponsors many sports teams and events. The Salzburg-based company launched its energy drink as a product called “Krating Daeng(meaning red bull).

In 1984, Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian marketer, received permission from Yoovidhya to set up a company to sell the energy drink in Austria and other countries. By 2019, Red Bull has become one of the most sought-after energy drinks, being sold in 171 countries. The drink is a combination of Vitamins from the B group, taurine, caffeine, sugar and alpine water to increase energy levels in the body.

Red Bull is a leading sponsor of extreme sports such as aerobatics, rugby, basketball and cliff diving.

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Red Bull’s annual revenue is $8.8 billion.

Mission statement of Red Bull GmbH

“Giving wings to people and ideas”

While Red Bull primarily makes energy drinks, the company has many goals on its behalf mission statement. The detailed statement from the popular soft drink manufacturer points to the following aspects of its outstanding services and products.

Red Bull mission statement analysis

  • Promotion of freedom and active lifestyle

Giving people wings is the main goal that Red Bull’s mission statement reveals. It implies the overall aim of the brand to support people in their goals and help them achieve their dream by providing them with the best energy drink.

Red Bull positions itself as an excellent energy drink for people who dare to pursue their goals or want to live an adventurous life. The company understands its target group and reaches them with clear, constant and consistent communication through its mission statement and marketing strategy.

Red Bull stays true to its goal of sponsoring sporting events to build strong brand awareness and show that its energy drinks can deliver incredible, incredible benefits to people.

In 2012 RedBull sponsored and organized “stratos.” It was a unique event where Felix Baumgartner from Austria attempted a skydive from the mountain in front of hundreds of people.

  • Providing valuable products and services

Since its launch, Red Bull has earned a reputation as the world’s most filling energy drink. Energy drinks are popular Vitalization of body and mind. The mission statement states that Red Bull drinks work great for everyone, from busy professionals, athletes and travelers to students.

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The company ensures that certain and strict conditions are met to manufacture its competitive products. It maintains the highest standards to offer an effective selection of energy drinks.

Red Bull has established itself as a company with clear goals to support a wide range of extreme sports activities worldwide. The company supports and sponsors sports teams and events during festivals and championship events. Sponsoring sporting events is one way to contribute to social development and economic growth.

Red Bull’s sustainability goals

“A can has more than one life”

Red Bull has always played a crucial role in creating a sustainable environment. The company sees it as its core task to make the environment worth living in for everyone. It ensures that it is followed and implemented sustainability goals throughout the energy drink manufacturing process.

It emphasizes sustainable packaging, improved energy use and a reduction in CO2 emissions in delivery and production. Key components of Red Bull’s sustainability goals include.

  • Promotion of environmentally friendly production

Red Bull aims to create and promote one environmentally friendly Manufacturing process. The company achieves this by collecting and recycling empty cans. The brand uses recyclable aluminum cans because they are easy to melt down without losing quality. By recycling its aluminum cans, the company saves 95 percent of its energy.

In addition, Red Bull pays attention to resource-saving production of the drinks. It uses 100 percent recyclable pads, trays, displays and boxes.

  • Creation of a centralized environmentally friendly production
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Another aspect of Red Bull’s sustainability goals is the development of environmentally friendly production methods to ensure environmental benefits. The leading soft drink company has a centralized production system that executes efficiently and efficiently innovative technologies to conserve resources. In addition, the use of high-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art processes guarantee the highest product quality.

Core values ​​/ culture of Red Bull

The offices of the Red Bull Company reflect their brand culture. The renowned soft drink company encourages innovation and collaboration to make work culture more creative. It designs offices that promote the concentration and focus of employees.

The company also ensures seamless communication between the workforce with advanced meeting rooms, cafes and gyms to help people celebrate and socialize together.

Red bulls core values include components such as ideas, people and culture.

Red Bull’s popularity stems from its unique approach to business practices. The company’s values ​​demonstrate that it puts its people first to nurture and promote a healthy culture. In this way, it uses the ideas of the experts to evolve and grow.

Red Bull’s fast-paced environment encourages people to develop unique and one-of-a-kind lives innovative entrepreneurial thinking. The core values ​​show that the company aims to give the freedom to dream and to take on challenges.

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