Rainbow Push Coalition Mobilizes Supporters in Fight for Justice Amid SeaWorld Entertainment Fallout

Statement by Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, Sept. 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition have stood by Jodi and Sean Brown since they were 6 years old, Skylar and Nylah was im Sesame Place theme park traumatized as a result of what was seen as public and deliberate snubs and rejection while simply demanding a “high-five” from the Rosita Muppet, while other nearby white children were acknowledged and validated in their interactions with the same character. The emotions conjured up that day and seen by millions in a now-viral video serve as a further reminder of the injustices, systemic racism and public stigma imposed on African Americans and other people of color today.

Reverend Jackson, alongside attorneys B’Ivory LaMarr, Benjamin Crump, and other civil rights activists, continues to advocate for the Brown family in their ongoing fight to address their concerns by meeting with SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Marc Swanson and others to find appropriate ones To examine remedial actions for the damage caused by the traumatizing interaction between two young black girls and a Sesame Street character that has jolted the historical memory of the black community regarding racial segregation in amusement and theme parks.

According to McKinsey and Company, black household consumer spending totaled approximately $835 billion in 2019. With continued treatment from SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, it has become increasingly clear that the company’s response to the Sesame Place racist incident involves a claim for black patronage, which has helped SeaWorld and Sesame Place soar in profits over the past year of $1.5 billion.

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Reverend Jesse Jackson said, “Honestly, I can understand Attorney B’Ivory LaMarr’s frustration when he says the family is “tired of talking.” He adds, “The weariness of empty conversations without credible demonstrations of a willingness to change the conditions that made Skylar’s and Nylah’s experience possible makes us all weary of talking.” and Sesame Place, amid the aftermath of that controversy, has done little to address the core issues that still plague the Brown family.

In an interview with Reverend Jackson, he said it is time SeaWorld Entertainment took responsibility and was held accountable for the damage done to Skylar, Nylah and the Brown family at Sesame Place in July. Reverend Jackson and the coalition allied with Rainbow PUSH believe that SeaWorld Entertainment must take full responsibility for their actions, and only then will the company send a strong message that racism and discrimination will not be tolerated within SeaWorld Entertainment’s brands.

Reverend Jackson continued, “We need a cultural shift within SeaWorld Entertainment and all of its affiliated parks. SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Marc Swanson can address these concerns by meeting in good faith with the Brown family and engaging in a collaborative process with key stakeholders to ensure SeaWorld Entertainment meets the key benchmarks previously discussed.”

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A list of claims was made to SeaWorld Entertainment as follows:

– to make Skylar, Nylah and the Brown family one;
– Provided equity to African American vendors across all professional and product lines across the various SeaWorld Entertainment entities;
– Evaluating and revising employment, hiring and training practices for all SeaWorld Entertainment employees;
Filing and Disclosure of SeaWorld Entertainment’s EEO-1 filing with the SEC;
– Ensure that SeaWorld Entertainment’s management, board of directors and board of directors are diverse;
– Established a DEI Engagement Advisory Committee to provide collaborative support to ensure institutional and structural changes are implemented.

Rainbow Push Coalition and Jesse Jackson Sr. believe that SeaWorld Entertainment can set a new standard for promoting racial equality by addressing this unfortunate situation and making it a teachable moment that will not only enhance the experience of African Americans and others of color that nurture its parks, but also create a tangible diverse, equitable and inclusive work culture for all of the Company’s employees.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition, along with a variety of other stakeholders, will meet soon to discuss next steps and use the strength of the coalition to assist the Brown family and bring about an appropriate resolution to their legitimate concerns.


The Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) is a progressive, international, multiracial, multi-issue organization founded in December 1996 by the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. By merging two organizations, he created Operation PUSH People United to Serve Humanity (founded 1971) and the Rainbow Coalition (founded 1984). Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Washington, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Oakland, the organization works to make the American Dream a reality for all citizens while promoting peace and justice around the world to use. RPC’s mission is to improve everyone’s life by serving as a voice for the voiceless. The organization’s mission is to protect, defend, and gain civil rights by balancing economic and educational conditions while promoting peace and justice around the world.

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Keep up to date with Rev. Jackson and the work of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition at www.rainbowpush.org.

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