Pippa O’Connor Gushes Over Brian Dowling’s Daughter Blake

Pippa O’Connor took time out of her hectic schedule this week to reunite with Brian Dowling’s newborn daughter, Blake.

Brian and husband Arthur Gourounlian’s daughter was born on September 1 via former Big Brother host Aoife’s sister, who acted as the couple’s surrogate. The couple named her Blake Maria Rose Dowling Gournounlian.

Pippa has been friends with Brian for many years and has taken fans along to visit the baby via her Instagram story.

Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O’Connor took time out from her hectic schedule to see Brian Dowling’s newborn daughter Blake on Tuesday. Photo: Instagram/Pippa O’Connor.

Describing Blake as “such a doll,” Pippa was immediately smitten as she enjoyed a few snuggles with the little girl.

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Pippa gently rocked Blake in a video on her Instagram story, saying: “Look who I’m with… She’s so cute.”

With the baby resting in her arms, the lifestyle influencer added, “The little noises she makes, seriously.”

Pippa has been close friends with Brian Ormond for many years. Photo: Instagram/Pippa O’Connor.

Pippa is no stranger to spending time with children around the house as she shares three young sons, Ollie, Louis and Billy, with her presenter husband.

When Brian admitted being told by a medic that he looked “absolutely exhausted” while battling the sleepless nights, Pippa gave her friend some much-needed advice.

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“It would help if you a) brush your hair and b) put your concealer back under your eyes,” she said.

Pippa O'Connor Brian Dowling
Brian and Arthur’s daughter was born via the former Big Brother host’s sister, Aoife, who acted as the couple’s surrogate. Image: Pippa O’Connor/Instagram

Fans of Brian and Arthur will see exactly what his and Arthur’s journey to becoming parents has entailed in their upcoming new documentary, which recently wrapped.

Teasing the RTE program, Brian said: “And this is the conclusion of Brian & Arthur’s Very Modern Family. This documentary was so honest/therapeutic/emotional/fun and life changing to film. From our start with @effidy_dowling_ @gourounlian to our conclusion today when Beautiful Baby Blake joined us on the sofa.

“Arthur and I are clearly not experts in this field. This documentary is just our honest experience of what we have experienced and overcome in the process of becoming a father. BRIAN & ARTHUR’S VERY MODERN FAMILY will air on @rteone later this year,” he wrote.

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