Over 40% of Indian Web3-interested professionals show a stronger passion for metaverse, NFT, and blockchain-based gaming space for employment, over-indexing the global average

Key Results of the Survey:

  • 72% of Web3 professionals in India are very satisfied with their career
  • In India, 41% of Web3 interested professionals want to work as developers in this field
  • 60% of surveyed Indian users who have never worked for Web3 are very interested in learning more about the professional field
  • Marketing, Research and Strategy are the most sought after job roles at Web3 in India, seeing an average of 45% plus Web3 interested professionals ready to join.
  • 30% of Indian women working in the Web3 space think long-term and adopt sustainable strategies

KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easier to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies, today announced additional findings from the global survey report: “Journey to the Web3‘ revealing the increasing interest of Indian youth in job opportunities in the Web3 industry. The report highlights that over 40% of Indian Web3 interested professionals have shown greater passion for Metaverse, NFT and blockchain-based gaming areas for employment, overstating the global average.

As India progresses successfully towards Web3 space powered by digital technology, around 41% of Web3 interested professionals want to work as developers in this field. This indicates the scope of job opportunities Web3 will create for Indian youth. 72% of Web3 professionals in India are currently satisfied with their career and recognize the benefits of the industry such as: B. Room for development and innovation and improved well-being. In addition, 60% of the surveyed Indian users who have never worked for Web3 are keen to learn more about the field of employment, mainly due to career advancement opportunities and a better compensation package in the industry.

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Marketing, Research and Strategy are the most sought after positions at Web3 in India as over 45% of Web3 interested professionals are willing to join. As Web3 attracts the brightest minds, it will no doubt have a juggernaut effect that will lead to the creation of a decentralized internet unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Unveiling the poll results, KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu saidOne of the most popular terms in the tech industry of 2022 is “Web3”, which refers to the upcoming version of the internet that will be built on blockchain technology. KuCoin conducted this global study to gain insight into how youth in India have shown great interest in blockchain and the Metaverse universe as a potential career path. The results of our Journey into Web3 survey also revealed that women in India have a bright future in Web3 with an increased interest in a diverse talent pool. We expect more Indians, including women, to join the Web3 space in the near future, which will sustainably strengthen India’s overall Web3 ecosystem.”

Women play an important role in the Web3 space and according to the survey 30% of Indians surveyed believe that women contribute to the Web3 workplace by thinking long-term and applying sustainable strategies in their work. 34% believe the Web3 space lacks female-led communities, which is one of the top challenges for women investing or working in the space. Other key challenges for women entering the Web3 space are the lack of Web3 educational resources (31%) and keeping up with evolving industry know-how (26%). Additionally, 25% believe women are concerned about the instability and risks surrounding the Web3 space. Building more Web3 educational resources and communities for women is seen as the most effective way to encourage women to join Web3. In India, it is particularly important to offer tangible rewards and benefits to female investors and employees to motivate them to expand their presence on Web3.

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Commented on the survey by Medha B. Dey Roy, Head of Branding, KuCoin Indiasaid: “Indian women have tremendous potential to disrupt the Web3 market. But compared to male-led Web3 groups, we’ve found that there are fewer female-led communities. However, the survey shows that women are valued for their ability to build trust in communities and in the workplace, two factors essential to the development of Web3 culture. This means that women’s honest, personable leadership style and long-term mindset are valued more. These skills are vital and play an important role in strengthening the Web3 ecosystem. Therefore, at KuCoin, we continuously strive to promote inclusivity and diversity by supporting talent in all regions.”

More than half of our interviewed respondents expressed an interest in exploring Web3 as a career option, embraced for its unique advantages such as ample room for innovation and professional growth, flexible work location and schedule, and above-average salary and benefits.

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