‘Normal 21-year-old’ from Bishop Auckland with ‘good job’ downloaded sickening child abuse images

A pervert described as a “normal 21-year-old” with a “good job” has escaped jail after downloading disgusting child abuse material.

William Goodall was found in possession of 244 indecent pictures of children, 35 of which were Category A, the worst kind. The 21-year-old had also downloaded 49 extreme porn pics featuring animals and was caught after police searched his home.

Goodall of Dan’s Castle, Tow Law, Bishop Auckland appeared at Durham Crown Court on Friday to be convicted of indecent imagery. He had pleaded guilty to the charges at a previous hearing.

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Jane Waugh, prosecutor, said police went to Goodall’s home on October 29, 2020 and confiscated cellphones belonging to him. After the police examined the devices, a total of 35 category A images, 62 category B images and 147 category C images, as well as 49 extreme porn images featuring animals, were found. The court heard that some of Goodall’s pictures had been “moved around”.

Vic Laffey, defending himself, said Goodall has decided not to own a phone since his arrest and has “no intention of buying one”. He said his arrest had “a significant impact on him”. He said: “He has apparently become a normal 21-year-old since the day of the crime. He has a good job, a partner and a stable family relationship.” Mr Laffey told the court that Goodall was now employed by a construction company and that his boss had gone to court in support. He added, “He (his boss) thinks enough of him to show up today and would have spoken for him if need be.”

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Judge James Adkin convicted him, saying a prejudice report found Goodall, who had no criminal record, “didn’t really understand the seriousness of such images.” He said: “When you download images of abused children, you provide a marketplace…without people like you, that marketplace would be smaller, therefore less harm is done to children.”

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Judge Adkin added Goodall had a “level of naivety” and said he would take a “compassionate course” and hand out a suspended sentence. Goodall was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for 12 months. He also has to complete a 30-day program, 120 hours of unpaid work, and 15 days of rehabilitation. A seven-year sexual harm prevention order was also issued, and Goodall will be on the sex offender registry for seven years.

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