Nolan and International Women in Reggae launch Truth B’ Told single in time for midterm elections

Musical artist Nolan and all-female reggae band International Women In Reggae have teamed up for the new reggae single truth B’ told in time for the 2022 midterm elections on November 8th.

The single was officially released on National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, September 20, with a new music video on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube platforms. Singer-songwriter Nolan describes it as “a social commentary and an urgent call to action, timely for one of the most significant midterm elections we will ever see in our lives.”

According to the Brooklyn-born Jew, truth B’ told is essentially both a warning and a wake-up call to voters to take the November 8 midterm elections extremely seriously, as he says “our democracy and our way of life are now under serious threat. The dramatic degree to which the truth is under siege by both Republican politicians and supporters of the former president is alarming. When opinions become fact and the truth just doesn’t matter anymore, we’re in a dangerous place. With this song I am asking those who still have sanity and can influence the election results to really pay attention to where we stand and what is at stake and to do something about it before it’s too late. The life you lead now may very well depend on it.”

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The release of the hard-hitting, no-compromise song and accompanying video is the result of over 40 years of tenacity, passion and hard work from an artist who believes his time has come.

Born Nolan Myerson to middle-class parents in ethnically diverse East New York, he was drawn to the music of legends like Aretha Franklin, the Beach Boys and, as he put it, “The Two Bobs – Dylan and Marley” from an early age . The powerful message in the music of songs like Marley’s Redemption Song, Buffalo soldier and get up get up made a real and lasting impression that would influence his own work in the lyrics truth B’ told decades later.

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“I was so concerned about where the country was going that I decided to do something and instead of writing songs that I thought people wanted to hear, I needed to write songs about what I wanted to say “, he says. “truth B’ Said actually started life as a country song called I am pro-US, but I started to transform it into something more proactive in the run-up to the 2020 election, and then it evolved after the January 6 riot. Eventually I decided that I would finish and release it in time for midterms 2022 to shake people out of their normal ‘midterm apathy’ that we can’t afford now with everything at stake this November. “

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He met International Women in Reggae founder Ariane Wint and the band through mutual musical acquaintances, and it was their involvement that created the reggae-inspired version of the song that exists today.

With several more songs in the pipeline, Nolan already expects a full album to be completed soon, and while he says he still loves rock ‘n’ roll, he believes that “reggae is kind of a biological essence that takes over your entire body . And it will always be the backdrop to what I’m trying to create. I will never try to fake a Jamaican accent. But I will punctuate my lyrics with the music in a way that fully completes the sound I am trying to achieve.”

truth B’ told The single is now available on most streaming platforms.

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