No objections made to Birr Primary Care Centre during planning process

During the planning period, NO objections were raised to the proposed development of the Primary Care Center at Birr.
The Midland Tribune was told Wednesday 14 September was the deadline for submissions, either for or against, to the Council’s planning office and not a single submission had been made by the deadline.
A person linked to the development told the Tribune that he was pleased with the news. “After several years of frustration with the disappointment of getting a primary care center set up in Birr,” he said, “we are now on the verge of finally having one.” He said the center will be an excellent and very important addition to the town.
The council is due to decide on October 5 whether to grant planning permission or not.
The PCC, if permission is granted, will be built on Brothers Field behind the Outdoor Education Centre. Brothers Field is a large area spanning 19 acres including “The Ice Hole” (a hole in the ground formerly used to store ice for the adjacent Moorpark House, now the County Arms). Generations of school children who played there fondly remember Brothers Field. The PCC will be built on 3.5 hectares of land, a flat section just behind the Outdoor Education Centre.
Brothers Field was the third site selected for the PCC, the first being selected eight years ago. In 2014 a proposal to build on Rugby Field behind Applegreen on Wilmer Road was rejected over architectural concerns and concerns about traffic congestion on Wilmer Road. A second proposed location at Emmet Square was rejected for lack of adequate parking. In 2018, Offaly County Council members voted against rezoning the project and appeared generally opposed to a PCC in the city. However, this mindset subsequently changed dramatically and it now appears that a majority of people in the city desperately want a primary care center.
The planning applicant is BPI Investments, a Portarlington company owned by brothers Joe and Vinnie Byrne. The company is 11 years old and buys and sells real estate.
BPI’s application is to construct a three-story primary care center with an area of ​​4060 square meters and space for: a) HSE facilities that include consultation rooms, treatment areas, meeting rooms, offices and support rooms; b) Surgery area totaling 807 square meters for general practitioners; c) 138 square meters for a pharmacy with two consulting rooms; d) a 175 square meter single storey annex to the rear of the primary supply center for storage, waste, backup generator and associated external facility; e) a 397.5 square meter two-story ambulance base; f) 157 parking spaces and 16 electric charging stations.

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