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COIMBATORE: Coimbatore Police on Saturday declined to file charges against an elderly woman who refused to ride a government bus for free in Coimbatore. Video of the incident, allegedly shared by some AIADMK members, went viral on social media on Thursday.

District Police Chief V. Badri Narayanan told reporters Saturday that no case had been registered against the woman because of the video. It is fake news and we will investigate how the false information is being spread, the SP said.

The police clarification came after an alleged copy of the Madukkarai Police Station’s Daily Situation Report (DSR report given to media detailing cases booked by police the previous day) shared on social media , showed that four AIADMK employees and the woman were posted to different sections of the IPC.

Meanwhile, R. Prithiviraj, 40, from Madukkarai, an AIADMK member, was charged under IPC Sections 505(i)(b) and 505(ii) late Saturday for spreading communal hatred through social media. According to the sources, Prithiviraj is said to have posted the video of the woman refusing a free bus ride first.

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Recently, Minister K. Ponmudi’s comments about the free bus program for women sparked controversy. A few days later, video of the woman arguing with a conductor and asking him to accept money for her bus ticket went viral on social media. The investigation revealed that it was taken in the Madukkarai area of ​​Coimbatore and allegedly shared on social media by an AIADMK member.

DMK Madukkarai Town Secretary N Ramu, 56, filed a complaint with Madukkarai police on Thursday, calling for action against those who allegedly led the woman to speak out against the scheme she picked up and posted the video on social media to discredit the government.

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