Latto Salutes Cardi B & Yung Miami For Balancing Motherhood & Rap

Being a mom is always a difficult task, but it’s even more so when you have to worry about feeding the baby, taking your kids to school and releasing your next big hit. Latto wants to recognize and recognize the women in rap who can balance their careers with family life caresha please Podcast to its host, City Girls member Yung Miami. The ‘Act Up’ star has two children and Latto presented her and Cardi B with flowers that were due for their hard work. It’s not the first time she’s been vocal in support of women as an artist, as she teamed up with Planned Parenthood in August to campaign for abortion rights.

The Big Energy MC was open about her hectic schedule and the value of a healthy work-life balance, leading her to praise Miami and Cardi.

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“I really salute you,” she said to Miami. “I always use you and Cardi as an example. You give us a new meaning for “boss b***h”. You know how they always try to make it seem like they’re ‘Oh, no. You can’t have a baby yet. It is not possible. you slow down You will stop.’ B***h, I swear to God I’ll be like, ‘Miami didn’t stop. Cardi didn’t quit.’ I swear to god I go to you guys every time. You guys just rewrote history for us… That’s no motivation for someone like me.”

Cardi B heard about the praise she was receiving and thanked Latto via Twitter.

While the Ohio artist doesn’t have children of her own, she said having a child “isn’t too far away…I’m ready…I’m not going to lie.” Maybe a year or two.” She went on to emphasize the great respect she has for mothers, starting with the woman she got when she was just 15.

“I respect women’s shit… I don’t play on Mother’s Day. I’m sending flowers, edible arrangements and all that stuff to every mother I know. Women who have children, that’s the boss b***h. The boss is mom. This is the ultimate boss b***h. It doesn’t get more feminine than bringing a life into this world. I’m really obsessed with motherhood.”

No baby showers for them yet 777 Rapper, it seems, but she’s been telling Yung Miami and co-host Saucy Santana that she’s had a secret boo for about two years. She’s rumored to be dating 21 Savage, with neither side confirming an affair, but the clues Yung Miami has solicited fit the Atlanta artist’s profile.

“He’s a real nigga,” Latto laughed at her mystery man. “He’s a rich n***a. He’s that n***a… Everything in our lives is so open so I feel like I have something real and I want to protect it from the world. It ain’t no PR shit.” It’s not the first rumored romance Latto has addressed this week, as she’s had to shut down someone who claimed to have been with her.

You can watch the full episode of caresha please with Yung Miami, Saucy Santana and Latto below.


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