Jeff Garlin reveals bipolar diagnosis ahead of ‘Goldbergs’

Former The Goldbergs star and comedian Jeff Garlin – who left the long-running sitcom last year amid misconduct allegations – has revealed he has bipolar disorder.

“Bipolar is a motherfucker. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle,” Garlin, 60, wrote on Instagram late Tuesday night.

“I give my best. This is the first time I’ve opened up about it.”

The announcement comes just hours before the show’s season 10 premiere without his character, tonight at 8:30 p.m

The Post has reached out to a Garlin representative for comment.

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His character, patriarch Murray Goldberg, will be killed off — not replaced — for the show’s 10th season, co-showrunner Alex Barnow told Entertainment Weekly.

Jeff Garlin revealed a bipolar diagnosis hours before the new season "The Goldbergs" was set to Premiere.
Jeff Garlin revealed a bipolar diagnosis hours before the new season premiere of The Goldbergs.

“I spoke to Jeff and he is aware that he will not be replaced. The truth is, I don’t know if he knows what his destiny is, but I assume that he knows would be the answer to that question,” Barnow said when asked if Garlin is aware of his character’s destiny be aware. “We haven’t had another conversation since the beginning of this writing where he would have any clarity on this.”

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Last December, Garlin told Vanity Fair that there had been three years of staff investigations into his alleged inappropriate behavior.

“It is always the same. It’s about me and my silliness on set. They don’t think it’s appropriate. I do. Here we are. I wasn’t fired for that. We just think differently,” Garlin told the outlet at the time.

Others have characterized his behavior differently.

“He’s extremely verbally and emotionally abusive,” an anonymous Goldbergs staffer told Deadline.

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Garlin, who also stars alongside Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, mutually parted ways with The Goldbergs while the ninth season was still in production, Deadline reported.

Jeff Garlin had mutually parted ways with the show last year.
Jeff Garlin parted ways with the show last year.

Co-star Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Garlin’s on-screen wife Beverly Goldberg, said in March that he was apathetic to the show, adding that the cast and crew “did our best” to deal with the situation will. The show used gimmicks like a body double to fill in holes left by Garlin’s sudden departure.

“This season threw us off course because a.) it’s difficult to plug in someone who doesn’t want to be there and walk in the middle of the scene, and b.) we didn’t want to rewrite the second half of the season,” McLendon-Covey tweeted in March.

Garlin also admitted to Vanity Fair that he was “bored” with the show.

In 2019, Deadline reported that Garlin was almost fired from the ABC sitcom because of his liberal use of the word “vagina” and other vulgar terms like “balls” on set. He is also said to have used offensive nicknames for longtime female colleagues.

Jeff Garlin allegedly used vulgar language and inappropriate nicknames on set.
Jeff Garlin allegedly used vulgar language and inappropriate nicknames on set.

“I’ve said some really stupid, stupid things that I can’t believe anyone would find offensive, but to each their own,” Garlin told The Post in 2019.

He continued: “Every time I get up [on the set] I’m like, ‘Oh my god [female genitalia].’ What is silly and stupid, I clearly do not have [female genitalia]. And I said to them, ‘I understand if I work in an insurance office and there’s a bunch of desks – that’s inappropriate. But in a comedic atmosphere it’s stupid.’ They said, ‘What if we fire you?’ and I said, ‘I’d love to announce that Jeff Garlin got fired for this [that].'”

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