Jamaica earns US$5.7b since reopening borders in 2020 – Bartlett

Minister Edmund Bartlett (Photo: Garwin Davis)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Secretary of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has revealed that Jamaica has earned $5.7 billion since reopening its borders in June 2020. The data also shows that the island welcomed over five million visitors during the same period.

The announcement follows strong efforts to recover tourism, which has seen its best summer ever, according to arrival figures.

For the summer, the island recorded over 224,000 stopovers in June, while June 2019 figures show 222,000 arrivals.

“These phenomenal income and arrival figures are truly a testament to the hard work of my department, its public bodies and our many stakeholders and partners. Through our thought leadership, Jamaica has been able to reopen its borders at the height of the pandemic and remain open to allow visitors to travel to the island safely and seamlessly.

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This strong recovery is occurring even amid the disruption the pandemic is causing to the airline industry with flight cancellations and supply chain disruptions,” Bartlett said.

He made the announcement Monday at the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s Travel Marketplace in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he is attending the private-public partnership panel to discuss intra-Caribbean flight connectivity, multi-destination marketing and public works policies and employment among other industry business matters.

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The island has welcomed about 5,173,000 visitors, including stopovers and cruise ship passengers, since reopening in June 2020, according to a press release from the Ministry of Tourism.

“Tourism is a major driver of Jamaica’s overall economic recovery and these numbers bode well for the economy, for life and for livelihoods. To have already earned $5.7 billion given the magnitude of the pandemic,” Bartlett said.

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The island was one of the first destinations to reopen amid the global coronavirus pandemic through its robust health and safety protocols and robust corridors approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council. These innovative approaches enabled the safe reopening of borders and travel and tourism activities.

“These numbers validate the hard work of our team and prove that our ideas and innovations are successful. We will continue our efforts to recover stronger as we work to surpass our achievements of 2019,” said Donovan White, Director of Tourism, Jamaica.

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