Inside Michael Wolf’s Secretive A22 Conference

Last week we got a bird’s-eye view of one of the world’s most exclusive invitee-only conferences, A22, hosted by Activate Consulting’s Michael J. Wolf. In case you are unfamiliar, Activate Consulting is the leading independent management consultancy for the world’s most innovative and critical growth-focused technology, internet, media and entertainment companies. Activate Consulting has designed and executed some of the most recognized and culturally relevant products and services for entertainment, media and technology giants over the past decade.

Activate helps its clients leverage their technology, brands, intellectual property and customer relationships to build strong businesses. The Activate team helps digital businesses grow by developing strategic roadmaps, developing new products and lines of business, and identifying and executing breakthrough acquisitions. As a result of the company’s work, both large corporations and tech innovators have increased their revenues, launched new products and experiences, and positioned their companies to compete in the dynamic tech-internet-media ecosystem.

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The conference is co-hosted by Sandy Climan and the duo are legendary for their VIP events at the annual World Economic Forum and TED conferences. So it’s no surprise that they’ve assembled a world-class roster of speakers to update us on upcoming trends. Topics covered ranged from synthetic biology to flying cars to the metaverse.

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A22 identifies key emerging trends before they appear on anyone’s radar and this is invaluable to its clients. Each year, Activate Consulting forecasts the growth areas for technology and entertainment, pinpointing seismic shifts in consumer behavior, experiences and technology. For example, in years past, they have accurately predicted the streaming media wars, mixed reality, cloud video games, and eSports before the majority of the tech community was aware. Last year they accurately predicted that 2022 would be the year when the metaverse was a serious battlefield between tech giants.

Activate Consulting accurately predicted that the metaverse would gain traction over the past year, months before it appeared on anyone’s radar. Shortly thereafter, Facebook changed its name to Meta and the race for the Metaverse began. The Metaverse is now expected to be an $800 billion deal by 2024. Activate helps transform the Metaverse from an amorphous idea into the next computing paradigm.

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