How To Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Many people say a pretty smile is the best accessory we have, but not everyone is proud of the state of their teeth. While braces are considered the best way to straighten teeth, not everyone likes the metallic look of the braces. Fortunately, there are other ways to straighten your teeth without the need for braces; These methods depend on the individual’s dental needs.

Prevents Leaning Teeth

Cara Merapikan Gigi tanpa Kawat Gigi (dengan Gambar)

Stop sleeping on your stomach. Teeth can overlap and overlap due to the slow but constant inward pressure on the teeth. One of the most common causes of this condition is sleeping on your stomach, which also puts more strain on the face and puts a significant amount of pressure on the teeth. The pressure will be increased if you put your arm or a solid object under your head while still in the prone position. Even if this is your favorite way of sleeping, try to sleep in a normal position or on your side to prevent shifting of gears due to this pressure.

Cara Merapikan Gigi tanpa Kawat Gigi (dengan Gambar)

Avoid clasping your face with your hands all day. Today, with many people spending their entire day behind a desk working or studying, this problem is becoming more common for people with poor posture. When you lean in front of a table and rest your head on your arm, this position can put constant pressure on one part of your jaw. This pressure slowly pushes the teeth inward, and causes the teeth on certain parts of the face to tilt.

To prevent this, try to straighten your posture by making sure you are sitting directly on your buttocks and not on the bottom of your spine. Straightening your lower body will help position your upper body properly to prevent neck fatigue and the urge to rest your head on your arms.

Cara Merapikan Gigi tanpa Kawat Gigi (dengan Gambar)

Stop thumb-picking or other sucking habits. In addition to pressure from inside the mouth, the position of the teeth can also become tilted with external pressure. This condition usually occurs in children with the habit of excessive thumb sucking; however, there are also many teenagers and adults with similar habits that can cause this. Using a straw, biting a pen, and making gum bubbles exert the same pressure as thumb sucking and can cause teeth to lean forward. Try to break the habit that puts pressure on your mouth.

If you can’t stop using a straw, make sure to shift the straw toward the back of your mouth and not rest it against your front teeth.

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Cover the gap between the teeth caused by a broken tooth. It’s normal for baby teeth to fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth, but if your permanent teeth fall out, this can cause a number of problems, including crooked teeth. Adults may lose their teeth due to extraction or problems with their teeth, an injury to the teeth, or perhaps because the permanent teeth that were supposed to replace the baby teeth never erupt. The gap created by the loss of teeth puts pressure on the teeth that do not fall out, causing the existing teeth to shift and become tilted. Covering any gaps with braces, bridges, dental implants, or partial dentures will prevent this.

The movement of the teeth towards the existing gap is also caused by a natural process called “mesialization” which means the teeth tend to shift forward.

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Get your wisdom teeth out when the time comes. Some studies may suggest that by allowing your wisdom teeth to grow in and not pulling them out, your other teeth won’t stack on top of each other, but this fact doesn’t apply to everyone. If your wisdom teeth are growing abnormally or your teeth are already in an overlapping position, recent teeth can cause a significant change in tooth position quickly.

By visiting your doctor regularly and taking X-rays of your mouth and jaw, you can know early on if this condition may be happening to you, and it’s best to have it removed as soon as your doctor advises you to do so. Allowing this will cause soreness in your mouth and the possibility of teeth not growing normally.

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Looking for a Specialist Dentist

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Find out what you don’t like about your teeth. It’s important to first figure out what you want to change about the appearance of your teeth so that you can clearly convey that to the doctor you visit next time. Some types of treatment can only address certain dental problems, so by having a clear picture of what you want for your teeth, you can determine which type of treatment is right for you.

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Find out about a board-certified orthodontist practicing in your area. Orthodontic dentists and orthodontists are different: apart from repairing teeth, orthodontists are also trained to study the development of teeth and complex facial shapes. It is very important to meet with a specialist dentist, not a regular dentist, to discuss a treatment plan. It is also important to find out if the doctor you are seeing is certified by the dentist’s association as this can guarantee that your doctor is licensed to perform the most difficult levels of care and has passed training.

In complicated cases, an orthodontist may need the assistance of an oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon to provide comprehensive care.

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Make an appointment with your dentist to discuss treatment. You may have done your research on this, but the only person who can clearly tell you the choices you have when it comes to dental repair kits is your dentist. Sometimes wearing braces is the only way to solve your problem. If not, it’s still important to discuss other avenues and listen to your doctor’s advice. Some questions that can help you ask your doctor include:

What is included in the proposed treatment plan, and what are the consequences if I choose not to use one of the currently available options?

How does the Doctor determine the cost of treatment and what payment options are accepted? In addition, what are the health insurance plan options that Doctors approve?

What type of follow-up program will be used for this kind of treatment once everything is done?

Does the Doctor provide your patient with a reference on this or are there photos of the patient taken before and after the treatment?

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Get a second opinion. It is highly recommended to get two to three opinions from other people before deciding to proceed with the treatment plan you have chosen, especially if you have been advised to have a previous tooth extracted or your case is a difficult one. Many dentists emphasize wearing braces even though there are many other ways, but health experts agree that there is no “one best way” to solve this problem. Meeting and talking to several dentists will help you find the type of treatment you are comfortable with and can afford.

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Determine the dentist who will treat you and complete the initial procedure. After selecting a doctor you trust, usually a post-consultation appointment will be scheduled for you. During this meeting the doctor will make an impression of your mouth and you will also get an X-ray of your face and jaw. Using these two things, the doctor can determine what should be done to improve your smile and can also explain in detail the types of treatments available for your teeth. With the available information, you can weigh your options and choose the best course of treatment.

Choosing the Best Type of Treatment

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Consider using transparent dental impressions or clear aligners .Transparent dental impressions are a firmer type of removable wire and are usually made to order. This type of wire easily slips between the teeth and slowly smooths it out. Because the inside of a child’s mouth is still developing, this type of mold is the best choice for teens or adults whose insides have atrophied. This type of treatment is usually used for patients with overlapping or spaced teeth problems of easy to moderate difficulty, and not for dental problems such as severe protrusion of the lower jaw, overly advanced upper jaw, or other problems that are much more complex. This type of treatment usually takes about 10 to 24 months, and costs around IDR 50,000,000 (in 2013). There are also a few things to consider:

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One advantage of dental molds is that they are easy to remove, making it easy to clean and maintain oral hygiene.

Wearing dental impressions requires the patient to adapt to them. If not used often, then the treatment time will be longer.

These dental impressions should be used regularly. If not, you will have to use it for a longer time.

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Ask about lingual braces . Lingual braces are similar to regular braces, except that they are located at the back of the teeth. They use the same system of braces to gradually tighten and straighten their teeth, and usually last for about 6 to 24 months, depending on the complexity of the treatment. This type of treatment is good for people aged 10 years and over with a range of teeth from the usual to the most severe. Just like dental impressions, lingual bracesare a great option for people who prefer not to show their braces, as these types of braces are a bit hard to see. Of course, the price of this type of braces is more expensive than ordinary braces, which is around Rp. 12,000,000-Rp 17,000,000 (in 2013) depending on the level of complexity and the length of the treatment period. You also need to keep these things in mind:

At first, you will not feel comfortable enough with these types of braces and you will need some time to get used to them. Many people experience irritation of the inside of the mouth due to friction between their braces and their tongue.

These braces may feel uncomfortable to wear at first, so it will take some getting used to. Many people experience irritation from contact between braces and tongue.

People who wear this type of braces usually have difficulty speaking, although not permanently, and also become slurred.

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Try using a palatal expander or palatal expander .This object, also known as an maxillary expander or orthodontic wider, is used to expand the maxilla so that the teeth above and below can fit together better. A palatal extender is a screw that attaches to the tooth with a rubber band that can be turned with a key to widen the jaw. Palatal extensions can help solve the problem of tooth buildup by giving the teeth space to move naturally into their proper position. This tool is best used for children and adolescents under 15 years because their maxillary bones can still be formed. The price of a palatal wider tends to range from $1,000 – $3,000, or around Rp. 13,000,000 – Rp. 40,000,000 depending on the length of treatment. Please also note:

Once the widening process is complete, keep the device in your mouth for another three months or so to stabilize the teeth and maxillary arch before you can remove them.

Using a palatal extender requires frequent visits to the dentist, who usually has a special lock that can increase your palatal width.

Dilation of the jaw can be very painful at times and sometimes causes non-permanent speech difficulties and irritation of the mouth.

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Choose a removable wire or retainer model . Removable wires are available in two types: fixed or permanent and removable, and are made for the upper or lower part of the mouth to strengthen and straighten teeth. Usually this tool is used to maintain the position of the teeth after treatment with braces or transparent molds; however, removable braces are sometimes also used of all ages to correct slightly misaligned teeth.

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The price ranges from IDR 750,000 – IDR 2,000,000 according to the level of complexity and the length of the treatment period.

Fixed type braces are placed behind the teeth so they are not visible.

Meanwhile, removable wire is easy to clean to maintain oral hygiene.

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Or you can choose dental veneers . Also known as porcelain veneers or dental veneers , dental veneers are porcelain-based dental coverings that are placed over the teeth. This appliance is suitable for patients with spaced teeth, broken teeth, or teeth that have undergone discoloration. To install it, the doctor removes a thin layer of the outer layer of the tooth and applies specially selected veneers to the patient’s teeth using a light-sensitive resin. This type of procedure is usually completed in one meeting, so the results can be seen more quickly.

Veneers are very expensive, and usually range from IDR 2,000,000 to IDR 10,000,000 for each tooth.

This treatment option is rarely used by anyone other than adults, because the shape of the face determines the appropriate veneer size , while the face shape of children and adolescents is still evolving.

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Learn about contouring the teeth. Contouring , also known as tooth reshaping, is done by scraping away the outer layers of the tooth or using resin of the same color as the tooth to improve the shape of the tooth. This is usually done for older patients, as this option is permanent, and may not be suitable for growing adolescents and children. Because they are considered fillings, contouring is only used to shorten teeth or to correct slightly crooked, chipped, or cracked teeth.

This type of treatment is usually done in one run and the price ranges from IDR 450,000 to IDR 750,000 (in 2012) for each tooth depending on how much work has to be done on the teeth.

Also keep in mind that contouring with composite resins does not last long and requires further contouring .

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Try Herbst. This device helps straighten the teeth by correcting the position of the jaw. It has a metal rod that is attached forward to the molars in the lower jaw to help correct the bite. That way, your lower and upper jaws can meet each other, helping to straighten your teeth.

You must wear this device for a year so that the lower jaw can shift into the correct position.

It will show when you put it on and it will take some time for it to give good results.

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Use headphones . It can also be used to straighten teeth by pressing on the upper teeth and jaw to help shift the jaw and teeth into the correct position.

This tool must be worn for a certain time until the results are felt.

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Consider composite gluing. In this treatment, tooth-colored resin will be used and shaped and attached to the teeth with glue. This resin will make the teeth appear straighter.

This treatment is intended for children or to correct temporary dental problems.

This resin is also easy to change color.

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Try gingivoplasty. This treatment can improve your smile drastically. Your gum line will lift and shape so that your teeth can appear. If you have a low number of teeth, there is a lot of free space in your gums, or your gum line isn’t symmetrical, consider this treatment.

This treatment is not suitable for everyone.

For one simple procedure per tooth, the cost for this treatment ranges from Rp. 4,000,000 to Rp. 8,000,000.

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