How To Make False Braces: 11 Steps

For those of you who have naturally straight teeth, imagine how much money and time you can save for installing braces. Not to mention the discomfort that is often felt when wearing braces. You can be free from all that. However, sometimes you will want to appear with braces. Yes, for the purpose of sweetening the costume or simply changing the appearance, braces are the right choice to look innocent but cool. This article will discuss how to make false braces. But remember, sticking metal on the teeth risks damaging the enamel layer. In addition, braces should not be worn for a long time. Only wear braces when you want to customize your outfit or need accessories to complement your costume.

Using Paperclip and Beads

Cara Membuat Kawat Gigi Palsu: 11 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Unfold and straighten the folds of the paperclip. Choose a paperclip from thin wire. Thick wire paper clips will make it difficult for you during the manufacturing process. Also, the result will look weird like a mere patch. You’ll also have a hard time getting the beads onto the thick wire.

Shape the paperclip wire into a large U. This U shape should match the size of the upper row of teeth. Do not forget, trim the ends or wire rods. You should also test it. Smile and insert the wires into the top row of teeth. How? Do you feel comfortable wearing it? Immediately fix the parts that do not feel comfortable or that look less natural.

Cara Membuat Kawat Gigi Palsu: 11 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Count the number of teeth when smiling. See how many teeth are visible when you smile naturally. Each tooth gets one bead. The beads will form the brackets for the braces.

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Thread the beads into the wire. Smaller beads can be purchased at a skill supply store. There are various color choices. Choose a color that matches your braces. Once all the beads are on the wire, place them in your mouth and smile again. Adjust the bead so that it sits right in the center of the tooth. Once the beads are in the proper position, lift the wire from your mouth. Do it carefully.

Secure the beads in place. Place the paperclip on the sheet of paper and make sure the beads don’t move. Use a super glue that is free of toxic substances. Make sure the beads stay in their original place. Glue the beads carefully. Leave it for a few minutes for the glue to dry. After gluing tightly, clean off any excess glue on the wire or bead. You can scratch it with your finger.

The superglue’s adhesive power will not decrease for 3-4 weeks in the mouth. After all, you can’t wear iron wire all day for weeks. So, your faux iron wire is sure to last longer.

Bend the end of the paperclip. Use the pliers to bend the ends of the paper clips 90 degrees to form an L. Then, keep pushing the ends until the sides are close together. In essence, stack the ends of the wire. Do it slowly and carefully. No need to hurry. You may need to press it a few times with pliers to make it stick firmly.

Use orthodontic wax. Orthodontic wax can be purchased at pharmacies or supermarkets. Cut the orthodontic wax stick in half and shape it into a ball. Insert the end of the iron wire into the wax ball.

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Cara Membuat Kawat Gigi Palsu: 11 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Try wearing braces. Carefully insert the braces into your mouth until they snap into place. Press the orthodontic wax against the teeth to hold the braces in place. Smooth it out for a natural look. Take a moment to perfect your braces.

Remember, wear your dentures only for a short time so they don’t hurt your teeth or gums.

Using Hairband and Earring Back

Cara Membuat Kawat Gigi Palsu: 11 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Prepare a hair band. The size of the hair band should at least be enough to circle the teeth from front to back. You can use a small hair band to use to braid your hair. Such hair bands are the best option. You can buy it at a beauty supply store or grocery store.

Add the back of the butterfly-shaped earring. One earring is used for one tooth and should be visible when you smile. Insert it into the rubber facing in one direction. The front of the butterfly faces the young, while the back side of the butterfly is attached to the teeth. The shape will be like a brace bracket .

Cara Membuat Kawat Gigi Palsu: 11 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Place a hair band around the teeth. Be careful when stretching the hair band so it doesn’t break suddenly. After the hair band is successfully placed around the teeth, adjust the position of the back of the earring. Slide one at a time until each butterfly sits in the center of the tooth.

Butterfly backs can injure the gums and scratch the lining of the teeth. So make sure you only wear it for a while. Remove dentures while you eat and sleep.

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