How To Increase Testosterone Levels: Do Natural Remedies Work?

Testosterone is a hormone that regulates our genitals, metabolism, bone loss and other bodily functions. Although it mainly affects men, low testosterone levels may be present in both sexes. Studies have shown that lifestyle plays the biggest role in testosterone production. Its level can be affected in various ways by factors such as physical activity, sleep, stress or obesity. You should therefore look for ways in which testosterone levels can be increased naturally.

Change in diet and nutrition

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Consult your doctor about your physical condition. Ask him for a detailed analysis of your weight. If you are overweight or obese, a drop in testosterone may be just that.

Obese people secrete more aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. The longer your body produces an excess of aromatase, the more your metabolism will weaken and the problem will get worse. In cooperation with a doctor, create a suitable plan for weight reduction.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Avoid processed, packaged and pre-prepared foods. Overweight and obesity can lead to lower testosterone levels. Changing your diet will not only have a big impact on your testosterone levels, but also on reducing your risk of heart attack and diabetes. Start a new diet by reducing processed, packaged and pre-prepared meals.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Consume food as close as possible to its natural state. Consumption of “clean” foods means eliminating excess sugars, fats, preservatives, etc. from the diet. Instead, include in your diet:

More fruits and vegetables

More skinless fish and poultry meat, cut red meat

More complex carbohydrates, including whole grains, lentils, beans and vegetables

More nuts and seeds

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Avoid other sources of sugar. By this we mean sugars added to processed foods (such as high-fructose corn syrups), but also artificial sweeteners. If you need to indulge in something “sweet”, try to use stevia, which is an herb that provides up to 60 times sweeter taste than sugar.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Increase your intake of healthy fats. Such fats are, for example, omega-3 saturated acids, which can be found in many different foods. They are found, for example, in eggs, algae, fish and mussels, but also in plant sources such as linseed oil, hemp oil or walnut oil.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Drink plenty of water. Large amounts of water are crucial for a healthy diet. In addition to hydrating you, water also helps drive away hunger.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Only eat when you are hungry. Stop eating a variety of snacks, boredom, and eating inconspicuous calories. Only really try to eat when you are hungry.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Do not try to follow any shock diets. Significant reduction in caloric intake can send a bad signal to the body, which would certainly not lead to higher testosterone production. Instead, try to reduce your caloric intake by 15% in the first week.

In weight loss, you should set realistic goals. Improve your diet, increase physical activity and focus on losing half a kilogram of fat per week.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Eat after training. For example, whey protein powder, high-protein yogurt and some vegetables will help you build muscle. After gaining muscle mass, you will burn more fat and increase your testosterone levels.

Regular exercise

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Start with strength training. If you have never worked out with dumbbells, use strength training bands or weight training machines first and hire a personal trainer or physiotherapist to teach you how to exercise with the right technique.

If you are very weak, start exercising with strength bands. This gentle way of strength training involves exercising the muscles with special strength bands, which you will replace over time with dumbbells. Perform this exercise for the first 3 to 4 weeks 2 to 3 times a week. If you have back or joint health problems, then you’d better switch to stiffer tires with more resistance first and stick to this workout for the next few weeks.

You can increase your testosterone levels by up to 20% by exercising three times a week for eleven consecutive weeks.

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Evening strength training can increase evening testosterone levels. However, this effect will be shorter and weaker with the gradual gain of physics. Nevertheless, it is a significant help.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Exercise two or three times a week on weight machines or with free weights. Men should choose a load that makes their muscles tired after five repetitions. Always perform in three sets. After exercising, you should feel how muscular your muscles are. Give them a rest the next day or two.

Women and people with joint problems can choose endurance training. For example, they can take lighter dumbbells and perform three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions.

Make half sets between full sets. This means that you should train mid-range, from bottom to top, and train fast white fibers in addition to slow red fibers.

Lift the dumbbells slowly. Breathe slowly and never drop the barbell. Control the entire movement until you reach the starting position.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Perform cardiovascular interval training. Include cardio training in your exercise plan five times a week, for at least 30 minutes each time.

Interval training requires warming up, sprinting, or other intense exercise for a short period of time (e.g., 90 seconds) and then exercising at a slower, “resting” pace at a slightly longer interval (about 2-4 minutes). Repeat these combinations for, say, thirty minutes, including warming up and running. The intervals may vary depending on the type of cardiovascular exercise involved. If you are just starting with training, we recommend hiring a personal trainer who will set up a suitable training regime tailored to your current performance.

Cardiovascular machines such as pedal boats, bicycles, elliptical trainers and treadmills can be programmed for interval training if you want to avoid having to keep track of your own timekeeping when you go jogging or swimming.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

You have to sweat during a 30-minute workout. Although basic physical activity is beneficial, you will need to exercise much more intensely to increase your heart rate and testosterone levels. This principle applies to both strength and cardio training.

Avoid overtraining. If you are already fairly fit, excessive cardio exercise will probably lower your testosterone. Your goal is to keep the metabolism alert and at the same time give the body enough time to rest and regenerate.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after training. If a person is dehydrated, his body produces less testosterone after training.

Don’t forget about the other positives of exercise, such as improving the cardiovascular system, losing weight, strengthening and improving endurance.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Observe intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting combined with medium to high intensity training can increase testosterone levels. During the fasting period, classify medium to heavy training as you see fit. The idea of ​​this method is to use fat stores as fuel during the starvation phase.

Lifestyle change

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Treat yourself to an all-night sleep. Doctors recommend 7-8 hours of night sleep a day. Lack of sleep can lead to a testosterone drop of up to 10%. At the same time, it can be a serious obstacle to weight loss.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Be active. By regularly moving and reducing sedentary activities, you will level hormone levels, reduce stress and result in weight loss.

Get a pedometer. Then try to take at least 10,000 steps during the day.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Reduce stress levels. Stress produces a hormone called cortisol and disrupts the production of some other hormones, such as testosterone.

Focus on the optimal work-life balance. Spend two hours each day on some favorite activities. Try to complete your work duties within a maximum of ten hours.

Start with meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi and / or qigong. All of these activities help reduce stress and contribute to better sleep. If you think you don’t have time for such things, start slowly and take a deep breath several 2-3 minutes during the day. Perform 25 breaths each time.

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Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Consider translating your sexual activity into the morning hours. If low testosterone levels affect your sex life, try moving these activities to the morning. In the morning, testosterone levels are naturally higher.

Taking vitamins, minerals and herbs

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Let the sunlight work on you. To get vitamin D naturally, you will need to spend about 15 to 30 minutes in direct sunlight with most of your skin exposed. Maintaining high levels of vitamin D increases testosterone production by up to 20%. You can consult a doctor or other professional about vitamin D and its supplementation if you work indoors and do not have the opportunity to catch enough sunlight.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Take zinc as a dietary supplement. Even a mild zinc deficiency has been shown to lower testosterone levels. Consult a trusted doctor for zinc dosing.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Consider taking herbal supplementation. Several studies have shown that certain herbal supplements help increase testosterone in our body or combat the symptoms of low levels. Such herbs include, for example:

Tribulus terrestris (ground anchor), which has been able to increase sexual activity in animal research. Follow the instructions on the package.

Withania somnifera (ashwaganda, ashvaganda, Indian ginseng, or wormwood), which has been shown in preliminary clinical trials to improve sperm quality. In most studies, the herb was dosed 4 times a day at 450 milligrams.

Ginkgo biloba, improving testosterone synthesis. Dosing took place 4 times a day at 270 milligrams. Use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Yohimbe, which is used to increase potency and to treat erectile dysfunction. Dosage varies, but starts at 5.4 mg (3 times a day) and ends at 10.8 mg (3 times a day). Follow the instructions on the package.

Diagnosis of low testosterone levels

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Watch out for physical symptoms. Men with low testosterone levels may experience a range of associated symptoms. These include, for example:

Erectile dysfunction, including reduction in its quality and frequency

Decreased testicles (hypogonadism)

Reduced sperm count

Loss of muscle mass, leading to decreased strength and endurance

Changes in blood fats, such as cholesterol levels

Osteopenia (bone softening) and osteoporosis (thinning of the bones)

Hot flushes

Swollen or sensitive breasts (gynecomastia)

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Watch out for emotional symptoms. In addition to physical symptoms, men often experience mood swings, such as:

Decreased sexual drive (libido)


Mood swings, including depression, irritability and anxiety

Problems with memory, concentration or sudden loss of self-confidence

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Get a blood test to find out how you’re doing. In addition to blood tests, diagnosis requires physical testing. Blood is most often taken in the morning, when testosterone levels are highest.

If you have a combination of several symptoms and tests show that you have low testosterone levels, your doctor will confirm this diagnosis.

At what point should you undergo these methods?

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Increase testosterone if you are an adult and have an abnormal deficiency. In cases where adults are diagnosed with low testosterone levels, the patient can start to increase their levels without fear, and the natural methods we present are the healthiest. However, you should not increase your testosterone if you are not yet an adult or if you are an adult but your testosterone level is normal or you have not been tested yet.

Testosterone levels are usually highest during adolescence, when there is also a massive fluctuation of hormones, so it is better to let the body balance their levels naturally spontaneously, without any artificial intervention. If you are a teenager and have doubts about the amount of your testosterone, consult your doctor before attempting to increase it.

Increasing testosterone in a body that has enough of it can have a negative impact on health, even in adults. In women, an excess of testosterone can lead to polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, obesity, thinning hair and other problems. The effects of high testosterone levels in men are debated, but some research has shown that excessive testosterone levels can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in men.

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Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

If you have no health complications, try herbal supplements. If you do not suffer from any health problems other than low testosterone levels, then the use of herbal preparations should be relatively safe in the short term. However, certain health problems in combination with herbs could cause dangerous symptoms, so in this case you should avoid herbs.

Pregnant (or potentially pregnant) and breastfeeding women should avoid herbs altogether. The already mentioned plants are especially dangerous – tribulus, vitania, ginkgo and yohimbe.

Tribulus can be associated with prostate disease in men.

Vitania can cause problems for diabetics, people with low blood pressure, stomach ulcers, autoimmune diseases or thyroid disorders.

Ginkgo can cause allergic reactions in people allergic to urushiols, such as poison sumac or cashew nuts. Problems can also occur if you have irregular blood pressure, diabetes, hypoglycemia, gastrointestinal diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, nervous system diseases, seizures, skin diseases, psychiatric disorders or heart disease.

Yohimbe is especially dangerous if you suffer from bleeding disorders, schizophrenia, prostate problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, liver disease, irregular blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression or diabetes.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Be very careful if you are taking certain medications. If you are not currently taking any medications, you can safely try virtually any herbal treatment. However, you should avoid herbs if you are taking any medicines that could interact with them.

Avoid tribulus if you are taking steroids or medicines for blood pressure or diabetes.

Vitania can be especially dangerous if you are on immunosuppressants or sedatives.

Ginkgo could interact negatively with drugs for heart disease or seizures, anticholinergics, antidepressants, and cytochrome P450.

Do not take Yohimbe if you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, clonidine, guanabenz, tricyclic antidepressants, antihypertensives, naloxone, phenothiazines or stimulants.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Think about short-term use of herbal supplements. If you are an adult and do not suffer from any illnesses that could cause problems, you can take herbal treatments to increase testosterone levels for up to six months.

After six months of use, some herbs can cause complications such as excessive bleeding, stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting. Sleep disorders can also result.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Take dietary supplements in moderation. Moderate doses of vitamin D and zinc can be very beneficial for testosterone production and overall health, excessive amounts of these substances can be toxic. It is best to get enough of both nutrients from natural sources. However, if you choose to supplement them, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

The recommended daily dose of vitamin D is 600 IU (International Units). Toxicity usually occurs in people who regularly use about 50,000 IU for several months, but this value may be lower if you suffer from liver, kidney or other health problems.

The recommended daily dose of zinc in adults is between 8 and 11 milligrams. The upper limit is 40 mg and toxicity usually occurs when an individual regularly exceeds this dose.

Jak zvýšit hladinu testosteronu: Fungují přírodní prostředky?

Consult your doctor and change your lifestyle for the better. Starting a long-term regimen with a healthy diet and regular physical activity is very beneficial even if you do not need to increase your testosterone levels. But first, visit your doctor and have him assess your condition – then you will really get the most out of the planned changes and at the same time minimize the potential risks.

In addition to testing for testosterone levels and determining your health limits, your doctor may continue to work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment possible. He will probably recommend some medical treatment, but do not hesitate to contact him, saying that you would rather stay with purely natural methods. If this does not pose a health risk to you, then your doctor will definitely try to satisfy you.

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