How To Grind Dentures: 13 Steps

Dentures will treat tooth loss, but can be uncomfortable or need to be adjusted periodically. When you first get your dentures, you may notice sharp areas that need repair. In addition, after several years of wear and tear, wear and tear will build up requiring repair or replacement. It’s best not to try to repair it yourself, as this could damage your dentures.[1] X Research sources

Coping with Sanding and Other Home Remedies

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Know the risks. If you try to sand your dentures yourself, you’re damaging them beyond repair. Dentures are quite expensive, so you can lose a lot if you try to smooth them yourself. Always prioritize the services of a prosthodontist (specialist in tooth replacement and jaw joint care) or an orthopedic dentist to customize your dentures.

Cara Mengikir Gigi Palsu: 13 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Try using a nail file. Some people dislike certain tooth lengths in dentures and so shorten them with a file. Rub lightly on the tooth you want to shorten, for example on the tip or sharp edge. However, make sure to work little by little. Don’t think too much about it because repairs can be difficult and expensive.

While thinking, don’t forget to stop occasionally to check how far you’ve come. Try not to overdo it.

Clean the dentures before putting them back in your mouth and check your work.

Cara Mengikir Gigi Palsu: 13 Langkah (dengan Gambar)

Miser uses a rotary tool . Sometimes, dentures will dig into the gums because they are not seated properly. Dentures may also have small labels left over from production. Some people smooth it with a rotary tool . Make sure the rotation is kept low. Heat from high rotation can damage dentures, although various types of repair can damage dentures.

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Identify the location of the problem. When you have dentures, determine the point where the teeth dig into the gums. Try to work very carefully and gently.

Remove the dentures from the mouth. Use the rotary tool to sand the area you want to smooth. Make sure to work little by little. You should also clean your dentures before putting them back in your mouth and test the workmanship so they don’t irritate the gums with the surface you file.

You can use a nail drill or a craft rotary tool. Use a drill bit that will allow you to sand the edges, such as round or oval ones.

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Try adhesive adhesives. When you first get dentures, your mouth needs time to adjust to the new teeth. To make things easier, you can use dental adhesive to hold your dentures in place for a few days. However, eventually the muscles in the mouth have to adjust to keep the dentures from moving so be sure to wear them only briefly. This adhesive helps when you experience pain while the dentures are still in your mouth. Movement of the injured point can cause ulcers.

You can also use adhesive as a temporary solution when your dentures start to feel loose. However, you still need to visit the dentist’s office to fix loose dentures so that the adhesive doesn’t stay on for too long.

Each adhesive is different. However, in general you can take your dentures out of your mouth and clean them. Sprinkle some powder onto the gum side of the denture before putting it back in. Dentures must be dry for the adhesive cream to adhere and work; rinse your mouth and place the dentures onto wet gums and wait 5 minutes before eating or drinking.

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Put the dentures in the freezer . One option that people often use to help relieve pain, especially for new dentures, is to put them in the freezer . If it is removed, the cold temperature will relieve the pain in your gums

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Try using a pain relief cream. Creams such as topical benzocaine can provide temporary pain relief. Just rub the cream on the painful area in the mouth to numb the area. Baby teething gel can be purchased at the supermarket. There are stronger pain relief cream options available, but if they are too expensive or hard to find, baby gel will suffice. This product is very safe and sufficient to relieve pain in your gums

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Remove the dentures. If the options above don’t help, remove your dentures first. Your pain will at least lessen a bit. See a dentist for help.

Using the Services of a Dentist

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Have the dentist examine the dentures. If your dentures don’t fit properly, you will need to work with a prosthodontist to make them fit properly. At a minimum, you should not experience sharp pain. Tell the dentist where the sore tooth is, and he or she will look for any small surfaces or irregularities that need filing. You can also tell your dentist if you experience gum pain within a few days of wearing your dentures.

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Ask for trimming . Once the dentist has identified the problem with the dentures, he or she can suggest trimming . The dentist will likely use a trimmer or trimming bur to adjust the dentures.

Trimming will be done at a low speed because it does not generate too much heat so it is lighter on dentures. The dentist will have many acrylic trimmers , with varying degrees of roughness so he or she can help adjust the repair.

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Denture polish. After the trimming process , the dentist can polish the dentures (except the tissue surfaces, which will change their fit). Polishing will make your dentures smoother and shiny.

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Reline your dentures after years of wear. After prolonged use, dentures wear out the jaw, which means they won’t fit properly. Often, the dentist will reline (replace the coating) the dentures so that they fit back in. Sometimes, you need new dentures.

Relining is done by dentists by adding material to dentures to make them fit better.

You can have a soft lining or a hard lining . Soft linings will only last a few months, but are great if you struggle with hard dentures. This layer can be re-applied. Hard lining is made of resin and can last longer.

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Try rebasing . Another less common procedure is rebasing . Basically, dentists are creating a new basis for dentures. The downside of this process is that you will have to give your dentures to the dentist for a few days. However, dentures will fit again after being returned.

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Check tooth fit. After the dentures have been examined, trimmed , and polished, the dentist will test them for fit. First, tell your dentist if you have any pain or discomfort. Then, he or she will check for a variety of issues, including flange extension, lip support, proper height, and the impact on your speech intelligibility.

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