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At Karan Johar Coffee with Karan, we’ve always seen celebs spill some interesting conversations with a dose of controversy that either impresses fans or gets them in trouble. In the final episode of Season 7, we encountered various types of revelations about how star wives have to deal with their husbands’ successes or failures in the entertainment industry, such as Gauri Khan (wife of Shah Rukh Khan), Bhavna Pandey (wife of Chunky Panday). ) and Maheep Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor’s wife) graced the show.

Speaking about the arrest of son Aryan Khan last year, Gauri said: “It’s been such a tough ride for him and you all came out of it so strong. I know you as a mother. We are members of the same family and I am a member of the same family. And it wasn’t easy, and Gauri, you came out of it stronger than ever.”

She continued, “Nothing can be worse than what we’ve just been through. But where we all stand as a family, I can say that we are in a great space. We feel loved. All our friends and so many people we didn’t know, so many messages and so much love. We feel blessed. We are grateful to everyone who has helped us.” Aryan was arrested by the NCB as a defendant in a drugs case and later acquitted of all charges.

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Gauri Khan, who is a successful interior designer, shared that being SRK’s wife sometimes goes against her. “When I think about a new project there are some people who think of me as a designer. But there are also times when it doesn’t work that way because sometimes people don’t want to take on the burden of working with Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. It works against me 50 percent of the time,” Gauri said.

Coming to Maheep Kapoor, who gained popularity with Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, explained how the situation was not in her favor when Sanjay was out of work for years. “There were times when Sanjay sat at home unemployed for years. Money was tight. My kids grew up with it, along with the glamor and glitz.” She continued, “People around me sometimes made me feel like we were the unsuccessful wing of the Kapoor family.”

From their naughty conversations on the show, we can safely say that Gauri, Maheep and Bhavna are the coolest moms in B-town.

During the rapid-fire round, when KJo asked Gauri what dating advice she gives Suhana, the star woman replies never date two boys at the same time. She gave another wacky response when asked about the one trait Shah Rukh Khan possessed that his children possessed, when she replied the opposite, saying unlike the megastar, his children are always on time. However, she also said that the Pathaan was the easiest person she had encountered. “Give him anything to eat, everything is fine. He’s just very light. I just find him very comfortable with handling things, being with kids, with family, with my family coming over… He was just born a person who is comfortable with people around him,” Gauri said .

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On the show, Karan also performed an audio of Suhana Khan where she shared some interesting things about Mama Gauri as she said: “I feel like there isn’t a single word I could use to describe my Mama. But I feel like every time I think of her I just think that she’s the most confident person I know. And she just doesn’t, she doesn’t want to. And she’s not being rude about it or anything. But she’s just so comfortable with herself. And I think that’s what I look up to the most.”

The star child added: “She’s kind of a ‘momager’ too. How not, she will, she wants to see everything before everyone else can. So sometimes I’m like, ‘Let me just post a picture without showing you first. But then I always send it to her. Because I’m fine, I don’t want to… Because I know she’s always right. She just doesn’t care who’s around and you know what she has to do to fit in. She just doesn’t do any of that. We’ll walk like the streets of London or New York, someone will ask for directions and she’ll pretend she can’t speak English because she doesn’t want to talk to people. My mother is the least strict, first of all she is lazy to be strict so she doesn’t even have it in her to be strict.”

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Suhana Khan revealed Gauri’s bad habit, adding: “My mother has this really bad habit of accidentally revealing secrets. So if you don’t tell her 500 times that it’s the most confidential piece of information, she’ll inadvertently reveal it. This one time I got on the phone with her and I told her Ma you can’t tell anyone like I promised and then AbRam was in the back and he just said no she’ll tell, she tells all her friends all my secrets. So yeah, that’s a really annoying thing that she’s doing.”

All in all, we can definitely say that the last episode of KWK was full of interesting revelations with the essence of honesty and loyalty.

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