From The Quick Style’s performance to Eva B and Karakoram’s ‘A Kind of Magic’, Coke Studio has a lot up its sleeve – Music

music platform cola studio has delivered many hits this year, from Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s ‘Pasoori’ to Abida Perveen and Naseebo Lal’s ‘Tu Jhoom’, and while the season may have ended earlier this year, the platform is still working on bringing us more music to offer and even more entertainment. your latest project? A rendition of Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” by rappers Eva B and Karakoram. They also just announced that Norwegian dance group The Quick Style will be performing at Coke Studio Live in Dubai.

On Friday, the collaboration between the ‘Rozi’ singer and the band Karakoram was revealed on YouTube. A press release described it as a song marking the launch of new platform Coke Studio Global, offering emerging talent the opportunity to connect, create moments of musical magic and deliver to new audiences.

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International artists Ari Lennox, Griff, Tesher, Mariah Angeliq, Tems, TRI.BE and Ekin Beril have also released their one-of-a-kind versions of A Kind of Magic to launch Coke Studio Global.

The song was originally written by Queens drummer Roger Taylor as an ode to lead singer Freddie Mercury and his “fertile brain,” while describing his creative process as “a kind of magic.”

Eva B and Karakoram’s A Kind of Magic was arranged and produced by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, aka Xulfi, who also produced the last season of cola studio. The latest track was also produced by Sherry Khattak, mastered by Dave Kutch and directed by Kamal Khan.

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But as if that wasn’t exciting enough, an hour after Eva B and Karakoram’s song was released, the music platform took to YouTube and Instagram way to announce that they will be performing at the upcoming event.

The group rose to fame with a viral video in which they performed on songs like “Kana Yaari.” cola studio Song by Wahab Bugti, Kaifi Khalil and Eva B as well as the Bollywood song ‘Kaala Chashma’ creating a massive TikTok trend.

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Her dance video from a wedding has been viewed 74 million times and her latest endeavor will be dancing at the cola studio Live show of some of the platform’s most popular songs. The group won Norske Talentsa Norwegian version of America’s Got Talent in 2009. They also appeared on the American talent show two years ago to defend their winning title.

Coke Studio Live takes place in Dubai on October 14th and will feature Karakoram, Young Stunners, Faisal Kapadia, Sethi and Gill, Justin Bibis and Raheem and now The Quick Style. You can now book your tickets through Coca-Cola Arena Dubai.

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