“Everyone is talking about Brett Favre stealing from poor Mississippians but fail to mention rich b***h Tom Brady got millions in PPP money”

Today is an age of constant comparisons. It’s not good enough to be great, as Tom Brady discovers to his chagrin, but you always have to be compared. Others would say it’s important to keep public figures in check so that issues like Brett Favre using public money for private gain are caught in time.

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To give this story a bit of context, we need to look at what each person did and compare the situations. Brett Favre used his connections to the Mississippi establishment to divert money from social funds to have a volleyball court built to benefit his daughter. The sordid details seem to get even grimmer when the people involved in the transactions are revealed, one of whom has pleaded guilty to impropriety.

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Tom Brady, on the other hand, received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan during the COVID pandemic, despite his net worth being estimated at over $250 million. He raised $960,855 for his venture TB12 on April 15, 2020. The loan has since been granted, although there are no records to show if the pandemic has affected his business in any way. Given his net worth, it leaves a sour taste that he got a nearly $1 million loan when other companies that didn’t have well-to-do benefactors went under.

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NFL fans didn’t hold back in criticizing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback for his actions:

Sooo everyone’s talking about Brett Favre stealing from poor Mississippians but forgetting to mention that rich bitch Tom Brady got millions in PPP money

@kenyadad12 Brady was able to hide among all the other PPP robbers. Farve makes a unique figure of greed in the nation’s poorest state. He helps maintain the Arkansas state motto, “Thank God for Mississippi.”

@tina_reunite @renee3147 Wait !!! We have Tom Brady accepting $1,000,000 in PPP loans! He doesn’t have enough money???? What’s wrong with these people who never take enough of small businesses and poor people?

Tom Brady raised $1 million PPP loan. He made $83 million that year and bought a multimillion-dollar boat days after the loan. Brett Favre took $5 million for people in MS who live below the poverty line.

@JedediahBila Neither churches nor PPP thieves! I’ll wait! For goodness sake, Tom Millionaire Brady got a million taxpayers and bought a boat! Trump has forgiven his loan! Now where is your outrage? https://t.co/bngTolnbru

Tom Brady is building a $17 million home but decided to rip off the US taxpayer by getting a PPP loan during the pandemic. This loan must be checked and returned if found to be unnecessary. Choose blue to stop this greedy man from keeping that money when he doesn’t need the loan.

@Mattrtwhite Not only did Tom Brady buy a yacht after receiving the PPP loan, which caused small businesses to lose money…he got the loan called off and doesn’t have to pay it back…he was able to afford a yacht that cost millions.

Another story by 3 QB’s Tom Brady took out a $1M PPP loan. He made $83 million that year and bought a multimillion-dollar boat days after the loan. Brett Favre took $5 million for people in MS who live below the poverty line. https://t.co/aqvPskOvLX

I used to admire@TomBrady— but with a $270 million net worth and a million-dollar contract…did he really have to apply for that money? This is certainly not the American spirit of World War II or even the post-9/11 era when Americans helped each other in crises; Her thoughts? https://t.co/qqoacF0dgE

.@TomBrady, @giseleofficial: So you made 83 million but still took out a frigging PPP loan for another MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS and then bought a goddamn boat? Not interested in being fondly remembered I guess. Nobody in this house thinks much of your ass. Jesus.

Tom Brady and Brett Favre aren’t the only ones playing with the system

Rich people being immoral and playing the system is a story as old as time. Neither Tom Brady nor Brett Favre are the first to be drawn into a scandal, and they certainly won’t be the last.

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There have been cases of NFL players cheating on the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan, which was set up on behalf of NFL players to cover their health care that was not covered by insurance. A total of 15 players pleaded guilty to abusing the service.

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The NFL itself as an organization has not been immune to using its reach to its own advantage. While investigating football’s impact on CTE, he allegedly repeatedly tried to interfere with the scientific evidence to make himself look better.

It is hoped that the humiliation received by Brett Favre and Tom Brady will be enough to inform those thinking of cheating the system to think many times before seeking material benefits where they don’t need them. However, given human nature, these will not be the last such cases.

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