Entertainment News | The Witcher: Netflix Announces Release Dates of ‘Blood Origin’ Spinoff and ‘Season 3’

Washington [US], September 25 (ANI): 2023 will be The Witcher’s year, thanks to Netflix! The Witcher: Blood Origin, a spinoff series of the main Witcher series, premieres December 25. “Season 3” of the “Witcher” main series will follow in summer 2023.

The streamer announced the release dates on Saturday at the “Tudum” fan event. When the second season of Henry Cavill’s fantasy series debuted in December 2021, fans last traveled to the world of The Witcher almost a year earlier. Since then there have been even more spin-offs. A family-friendly Witcher series is in development alongside the Blood Origin limited series and an upcoming anime film.

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Not much information is available about season 3 of The Witcher, but it will continue the narrative of Ciri, Yennefer and Geralt of Rivia (Cavill) (Anya Chalotra). Robbie Amell, Meng’er Zhang, Hugh Skinner and Christelle Elwin are among the new cast members. Amell portrays Gallatin, an Elven warrior who commands a Scoia’tael guerrilla army fighting for Nilfgaard. Zhang is Milva, a fearless and skilled hunter who was raised as a human by the Dryads of Brokilon Forest. Prince Radovid, portrayed by Skinner, is King Vizimir’s younger brother and a royal playboy (Ed Birch). Elwin is Mistle, a mismatched teenage gang called The Rats who rob the rich and give themselves.

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Set in an elf world 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher, the prequel series Blood Origin tells a long-forgotten story, including the development of the first prototype of The Witcher and the events leading up to the pivotal conjunction of The Witcher guided the spheres as the worlds of monsters, humans and elves merged into one.

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Laurence O’Fuarain plays Fjall, a man born into a clan of warriors sworn to protect a king who instead sets out to seek revenge. Sophia Brown plays Rush, a warrior in the Queen’s Guard who sets out to become a traveling musician. Michelle Yeoh plays Scian, the last member of a nomadic tribe of Sword Elves on a mission to recover a blade stolen from her people. The remaining cast members are Lenny Henry as Balor, Zach Wyatt as Syndril, Huw Novelli as Callan “Brother Death”, Amy Murray as Fenrik, Francesca Mills as Meldorf, Nathaniel Curtis as Bran, Zach Wyatt as Amy Murray and Dylan Moran as Uthrok Nut . (ANI)

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