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Before I retired I rode the Central Line up and down every morning and caught the first train from Epping to Oxford Circus. And I had a strange ritual: if I was the only person on the escalator when I got to the top, it was a good and happy day.

Obviously not working on the way home, but early in the morning… Maybe not stepping on cracks in the pavement is the equivalent, I don’t know.

The Central Line by Saskia Sarginson (Piatkus £9.99)

I don’t miss traveling on the Central Line, but two people for whom the Central Line is central (sorry!) are Cora and Jacob. Cora’s local stop is Shepherd’s Bush while Jacob, who lives on a houseboat, departs from Bethnal Green.

The Central Line is the most magical, lyrical, and romantic love story I’ve read in a long, long time. Love Actually and Notting Hill are two of my favorite rom-coms, and I can watch The Central Line as a movie.

The Central Line by Saskia Sarginson (Piatkus £9.99) (59343398)
The Central Line by Saskia Sarginson (Piatkus £9.99) (59343398)

Cora’s adult daughter and drunk misfit Fran falls asleep on the Central Line and doesn’t even wake up when the subway pulls into the last station on the line. She is saved by the knight in shining armor Jacob, who leads her home. Cora invites Jacob over for tea the next day so Fran can apologize in person.

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The sparks fly – but for whom?

Jacob is a loner living on a houseboat full of secrets, while Cora, whose beloved husband Andrew died in a tragic accident, leads a busy if unfulfilled life as a TV editor. Fran, well, she’s just a mess, and Luke, the youngest member of the family, is just focused on his exams and overcoming the school bullies.

I urge everyone to read this without a lump in their throats and tears in their eyes. What a wonderful romance.

The Summer Voyage of Isabelle Broom (Hodder £7.99)

Why do moms think they know best? Maybe because we do?

Ava Fox spent a teenage summer in Corfu. Those happy memories stayed deep in her heart and she never let them go.

But still single and estranged from her family, including her sister who now lives in Corfu, Ava vowed never to set foot on the island again. Until her mother called and suggested she swap houses with her sister.

The Summer Voyage of Isabelle Broom (Hodder £7.99) (59343396)
The Summer Voyage of Isabelle Broom (Hodder £7.99) (59343396)

Somehow persuaded by her mother (of course), Ava and her teenage daughter Rosie, who can’t quite believe she’ll be spending her summer holidays in Corfu, arrive on the island to find that it’s not really a home swap that’s going on her sister Mattie and husband Niko are still there and that this was a ruse by their mother.

And then her younger sister Orphelia (complete with not-so-nice boyfriend) arrives. Yes, Mom interfered once again.

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The Summer Trip is a treat – heartwarming and romantic – but is there a happy ending? That would be meaningful.

The Last Girl to Die by Helen Fields (Avon £7.99)

Regular Helen Fields fans love all of her “perfect” murders. And so, after leaving Ava and Luc in the most precarious of positions, the author has now written something completely different and introduced us to private investigator Sadie Levesque.

16-year-old Adriana and her family have moved to the ancient Isle of Mull, which lies far off the coast of Scotland (would love to visit – hint hint!). Adriana is missing and faces the indifference of the police and the locals, who are downright hostile, her distraught parents call out to Sadie.

The Last Girl To Die by Helen Fields (Avon £7.99) (59343394)
The Last Girl To Die by Helen Fields (Avon £7.99) (59343394)

Sadie is good but unconventional and when she finds Adriana’s body all hell breaks loose.

It’s an exciting and exciting read that introduces a great new character. Will we see more of Sadie Levesque? I hope so.

Together, Again by Milly Johnson (Simon & Schuster £7.99)

Another of my favorite authors is Milly Johnson and her latest book is coming out in a few weeks.

And while I love all of her books, Together, Again is a much deeper novel than before.

Mother Eleanor Vamplew has died and Fox House has welcomed the three sisters home.

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Born seven years apart, Jolene is the oldest and a successful romance novelist, but her own marriage is far from romantic and successful.

Together, Again by Milly Johnson (Simon & Schuster £7.99) (59343392)
Together, Again by Milly Johnson (Simon & Schuster £7.99) (59343392)

Marsha, the one in the middle, worked hard and is now a very wealthy and successful businesswoman, while the youngest, Annis, left home at 16 and didn’t even return for her father’s funeral. But now she’s back.

And when the will is read, the three sisters discover that their mother Annis left everything.

Their mother’s death was unexpected and they have spent most of their time apart, but they are amazed to realize how much they enjoy being together and how it has changed their lives.

This is an absolutely wonderful, heartwarming novel full of family love, family heartbreak and the end of family feuds.


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