Edtech classroom to shape the education of the future

The new school year has started. Students are ready to start today’s lesson with a sharpened pencil in hand, an open notebook, and a clear head. Without commuting and with the possibility to choose the most suitable schedule for each situation, E-learning opens the digital doors to learning from anywhere. You can do this simply by having access to the internet and wanting to learn something new, thanks to edtech startups (technology applied to education) that are developing innovative methods and resources so that knowledge reaches every corner of the world.

Evidence of the potential of this sector is the growth of venture capital investments, which has almost quintupled between 2017 and 2021: from $4.4 billion in 2017 to $20 billion in 2021, according to the firm Holon IQ. The forecasts for this sector are also very favorable. It is one of the technology trends of 2022 selected by BBVA Open Innovation and It is estimated that the market will reach 2028 at a CAGR of 20%according to Global Market Insights.

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The opportunity to Make the most of technology in education is the goal of many startups looking to innovate, attract users and differentiate themselves in an ever-expanding and competitive market. In fact, according to CB Insights, there are already 32 edtech unicorns (companies valued at more than €1 billion) in the world.

Accelerating the edtech

One of the emerging companies in the education field is GoKoan, which offers a digital learning tool Optimizing and facilitating the management of the study of the selection procedures. Its own founder and CEO, Clara Torrijos, opted for a selection process, but quickly realized “that it is a very traditional market with a very large scope for technological innovations”. So she decided to change her career path and become an entrepreneur by turning the system on its head: instead of having to adapt to an academy’s schedules, her platform was created to do so enable students to plan selection procedures that are adapted to their personal circumstances and build a collaborative learning community.

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There are other education startups with a more general focus. Platzi, an online learning platform that raised $62 million in a Series B round to accelerate its expansion plans in Latin America, is one example. The company, which attended a BBVA Open Talks virtual event on innovation in education a few months ago, did so more than 1,000 courses for its more than four million users to acquire digital knowledge. Corresponding Camila GonzalezManager for Platzi Education Partners, “Most students come to Platzi to learn coding, English and digital marketing, although soft skills are another popular subject.” Soft skills are skills related to emotional intelligence, communication and leadership , play a fundamental role when it comes to entrepreneurship and have gained relevance since the pandemic, as this article by BBVA Open Innovation shows.

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