Ecologi continues rapid growth journey with expansion to North America as it strives to make positive climate action a reality for every business

  • The expansion will make Ecolog’s platform available to US companies eager to begin their net zero journey
  • Ecolog is currently used by 15,000 companies and partners including HSBC, Hasbro, BAFTA and BBC
  • The social enterprise grew its revenue by 200% year over year in the second quarter, with over 80% of profits going directly to climate protection
  • In just three years, Ecolog has planted almost 50 million trees and offset over two million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent
  • Ecolog has already landed its first US clients in the beauty brand Sky Organics and intelligent lawn sprinkler company rachio

NEW YORK, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Climate technology start-up Ecolog has announced plans to expand to North Americaas part of its quest to become the end-to-end platform for climate action.

Since launching in 2019, Ecolog, through its 37,000 members, including 15,000 companies, has planted nearly 50 million trees and offset over two million tonnes of verified carbon – effectively avoiding 3.9% New York’s annual emissions in 2021 from entering our atmosphere.

Through its platform, the social enterprise helps companies and individuals start their journey to net zero by subscribing to quality climate solutions. These include reforesting the Appalachian Mountains and funding fuel-efficient cookstoves Tanzaniaand protection of the lowland peat forest in Indonesia.

The platform will soon offer a new pay-as-you-go marketplace where customers can fund projects such as marine conservation and biochar, one of the most effective natural carbon removal methods.

The start in the USA is followed by an impressive growth course for the company this year. In the second quarter of 2022, Ecolog saw 200% CAGR revenue growth as business demand for trusted, accessible and effective climate action grows. And as revenue grows, so does Ecolog’s impact: over 80% of B-Corp’s profits go directly to funding climate change mitigation projects around the world.

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Ecolog has so far almost raised 10 million dollars with capital, backed by General Catalyst and Entree Capital, who have brought many of the world’s leading tech brands to market, including AirBnB and Stripe. B Corp is currently working on its Series A round.

Climate Tech is now doing the math 14 cents of every venture capital dollar, according to PWC. The industry is booming Europe: Investors flocked in last year $10 billionaway $5.4 billion in 2020. The Silicon Valley Bank reported that US VC investments in climate technology increased by 80% between 2020 and 2021 and reached $56 billion.

As demand for climate technologies soars, Ecolog is introducing companies to its new freemium net-zero carbon footprint software tool. Ecolog Zero will be fully rolled out in 2023 and will remove the cost, technology and skills barriers to carbon footprint. Small and medium-sized businesses can measure their footprint and set targets to reduce their emissions for free – most of them through their supply chains.

Ecolog North America is overseen by Derek Mauk as President, previously leading growth strategies for household brands and beverages at Procter & Gamble and Annheuser-Busch InBev and leading sustainability at Drinkworks by Keurig.

Commenting on the expansion into the USA, Elliott CoadCEO says: “As extreme weather and climate-related disasters become more common around the world, there has never been a greater urgency to act collectively on climate change. The demand from companies is enormous, and many increasingly want to be part of the solution. Net zero is the ultimate goal, but we know many organizations are overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge. We see this as a real opportunity for Ecolog in this new market. By helping companies take their first steps along the way, we hope to break down the barriers – making climate action funding trustworthy and tangible. The window to action is narrowing, but if we can leverage the global supply chain network to break a climate action viral loop create, we could see massive effects in a short time. “

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As Ecolog attends its first ever Climate Action Week NYC, Derek MaukPresident, Ecolog – North America adds: “Climate action is firmly on the agenda of most companies around the world and in North America Executives’ appetite for action has never been greater. The Nest Summit, which brings together business leaders from around the world, is proof of that. With Ecolog, around 500 companies already register on our marketplace every month, and we plant almost a million trees every two weeks. As we scale, so does the positive impact we can have on our planet: in three years, we expect to be planting a million trees a day. I’m excited to see what Ecolog can achieve North Americaas we work to tackle global greenhouse gas emissions while funding impact-driven climate projects.”

Ecolog recently landed its first US customers with beauty products brand Sky Organics and smart sprinkler company Rachio.

Dean NeigerChief Sustainability Officer at Sky Organics says: “At Sky Organics, we believe sustainability is a responsibility we have to our customers, our team members and of course our planet. And as leaders in organic beauty, we need to lead by example. As the founder of the brand, I want to make sure our sustainability initiatives touch every aspect of what we do, which is why I am now 100% focused on sustainability. While many initiatives I work on take months or even years to implement, we’re thrilled to partner with Ecolog because it’s such a simple yet effective way to partner with our customers to do something in the universal right away fight against global warming.”

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About Ecolog:

ecology is the market leader in collective climate protection. Social enterprise B-Corp operates a subscription service to reverse climate change and fund projects from carbon reduction to reforestation. Its mission is to reduce half of the world’s projected greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Through its 35,000 members, including over 15,000 companies, Ecolog has funded the planting of nearly 50 million trees around the world and saved over 2.2 million tons of CO2e through certified carbon avoidance projects. In 2022, it was listed in the top 5 percent of B Corps globally in the Environment and Governance categories.

About Sky Organics:

Sky Organics, one of the fastest growing natural brands, is on a mission to show consumers that living a natural lifestyle can be simple and beautiful with the help of clean and organic essentials. Products are available nationwide including Amazon, CVS, Natural Food Stores, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, and Whole Foods, among others. Sky Organics products are carefully made from ethically sourced ingredients that are good for you and are not tested on animals.


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