2000 – Reform Declaration, Korean UBF chapters

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God established UBF 39 years ago and has blessed her to send out over 1,500 missionaries to 87 countries. Being convinced that we need the mentality of reform, open-mindedness and an embracing attitude in order to grow and progress further, we declare the following in this beginning year of a new millennium:

First, the Lordship of Jesus Christ should be restored in UBF. It is God who established our fellowship. But in the last 39 years, everything has been decided and ruled by one man and many people have been hurt in the process. This ill must stop now. We need to accept Jesus Christ as the King of our fellowship. UBF should be guided by the Holy Spirit and grow and develop by the free consultations and cooperation of coworkers.

Second, our fellowship should become a Christ-centered community of love. Thus far, due to authoritarianism and number-emphasis in our fellowship, the personal relationships among coworkers has been jeopardized. Love and trust have been sorely missing. Now we need to get back to our Lord’s command, “Love one another.” Our fellowship needs to become a mature fellowship built around love and service.

Third, we need to embark on educating staff shepherds as spiritual experts in order to have spiritual quality.

It is our sincere desire to pursue the above goals in a spirit of dialogue and cooperation. We do not want UBF to be divided. We will keep the spirit of dialogue in the Holy Spirit to the end.

May 23, 2000

Initiating members of the committee for UBF reform:

MyungRoon UBF
DaeJeon UBF
MohkPoh UBF
JeonJoo UBF
SooWon UBF
DaeGoo UBF
InCheon UBF
KyoungHeemoon UBF
Pusan UBF
KyoungJoo UBF
ChungJoo UBF