2000 – 15 questions to Samuel Lee from the Korean UBF reform committee

October 24th, 2000

God established UBF 39 years ago through M. Samuel Lee, and blessed her in many ways up until now. But 39 years have revealed so many pernicious evils, loosing the vitality of the early days. We should get rid of the sources of evil phenomena in order to be used preciously as a healthy missionary organization in 21st world mission. So we, Korean Reform UBF staff shepherds, are asking public questions to M. Samuel Lee who has the almost absolute influence on our fellowship.

1. In spring 1999, M. Samuel Lee discontinued the Korean Newsletter by force through direct calling to the editor in chief without the agreement with S. John Jun. Most of the 1,500 missionaries in 87 countries are carrying their missions in non-English speaking countries. They want to know the Korean UBF news and they need the Newsletter in Korean. The UBF Newsletter in Korean had given missionaries a big encouragement and strength. Many missionaries who are not familiar with English are not reading the UBF Newsletter. Besides, Korean UBF brothers and sisters want the Korean UBF Newsletter as well. Therefore, we think the UBF Newsletter in Korean should be republished as soon as possible. M. Samuel Lee! What’s your opinion?

2. There was a picture of MSU auditorium in the special edition of the 1999 MSU Summer Conference. But the two stories are fabricated into a three stories auditorium. This is an immoral act that can not be accepted in the society. Because of this, many young Christians, whether in the mission lands or in Korea, fell into trials and backslided. This not only resulted in falling down the public trust of UBF, but also led to distrust the personality and belief of M. Samuel Lee. Nevertheless, why did you repeat these kind of things again and again? Why do you publish the UBF Newsletter in Korea, which is edited in the world headquarter in Chicago? Why did you sell this UBF Newsletter in the USA which was published in Korea, spending some tens of thousand dollars by Korea UBF? Where do you use that money?

3. M. Samuel Lee edited a 2000 calendar made in Korea, and printed the official name as “Associate” under the picture of Junior Samuel A. Lee. Besides, you said many people around you recommended your son as your successor in UBF against your will, through your message and announcement in the USA staff conference held from Feb. 14 to 16, 2000. Can you tell us who are those around you? Is that true you said you were thinking you might raise your son as a successor with the heart of God who gave one and only Son? Besides of those, there are widespread rumors worldwide that you are trying to raise your son as a successor. M. Samuel Lee! Can you define your position about the successor of UBF?

4. In the UBF Newsletter edited by M. Samuel Lee or public letters, he would have insulted the staff shepherds of Korea or missionaries based on distorted information. In the Newsletter published March 2000, he denounced M. Jacob Lee and S. Caleb Chung of Korea, as if their faith and personalities are terribly wrong. In the public letter sent in April 2000, he condemned M. James Kim, who is one of the board of directors in Chicago UBF, as the one who knows only money and scraped up all the money with an iron hook. Besides, in the public letter titled as “The Cherished Desire for the Reunification of the Fatherland,” M. Samuel Lee denounced S. John Jun as the philanthropic leadership and Korean staff shepherds as corrupted politicians, and on the contrary, he highly praised missionaries. And he sent this letter to the missionaries, staff shepherds and even to the young sheep. This planted distrust between Korea staff shepherds and missionaries. And this led young sheep to distrust their shepherds. According to your faith, is it right to carry the articles in the public letters which judge and insult the personality and faith of individuals? Through this, you estranged staff shepherds from missionaries and shepherds from sheep, so that they only depended on you. Isn’t this a destroying act of saints’ community?

5. In early 1998, Esther, who is the daughter of S. Bona Hong, visited Chicago UBF in order to pay her respects to M. Samuel Lee after finishing the language course in Madison. At that time, M. Samuel Lee confined her in the house of Little Sarah and tried to let her marry an American even though she was only 22 year old. Esther suffered a lot due to terror and mental confusion. Even though she escaped from that crisis by the help of God, her young heart was greatly hurt. You did this kind of thing to the young daughter who were traveling in the foreign land far away from her parents. Isn’t it a criminal act to obliterate personality and violate human rights? Besides, she is the daughter of senior staff shepherd who co worked with you more than 30 years. Is it possible according to your faith that you forcefully demanded her to marry a foreigner without any consultation with her parents beforehand?

6. We should freely visit and help the missionaries whenever they need the help of Korean staff shepherds due to their spiritual difficulties. But until now we should get the permission of M. Samuel Lee without omission through S. John Jun whenever we needed to visit overseas. Especially in the case of USA, M. Samuel Lee did not allow. He prohibited us from visiting missionaries all over the USA after the MSU conference. What was worse, three years ago in USA, he prevented a shepherd from attending the wedding ceremony of the missionary sent from his center just after the MSU conference. In the pioneering period of USA UBF, they had beautiful believer’s fellowships visiting one another. By the way, why do you prevent the Korean staff shepherds from visiting each USA chapter these days?

7. After a long time prayer and discussion for the education and growth of Korean staff shepherds, in the 1998 Korean senior staff shepherd meeting, we decided that those who had the career as the staff shepherds over 7 years and had more than 50 Sunday worship service attendants were able to study in the regular theological seminaries. But M. Samuel Lee let them leave seminaries and stop studying one-sidedly after receiving a letter from a wife of staff shepherd. They received God’s calling and studied theology. But you forced them to write repenting testimonies and to quit their theological education. Is that right in the sight of God? We know that you went through the regular seminary training. Then why shouldn’t the UBF staff shepherds receive the regular theological education? Can you explain the biblical bases and reasons?

8. The staff shepherd of each center in Korea recommended the exemplary students for the 1999 MSU International Conference and sent the list of more than 100 students to Chicago from Korea UBF headquarter. The recommended ones were the exemplary students who were faithful for the sake of the Lord and His Gospel and able to be used preciously as future missionaries. But M. Samuel Lee ignored this list and invited only those who wrote letters to him. Among them, many left UBF after writing a letter and many were young in their faith, so that they could not be the representatives of each center. Is it all right according to your faith to invite those who wrote letters to you, ignoring the recommended students by Korean staff shepherds? And whenever we had the international conferences, you let the main speakers recite your manuscripts and deliver them, instead of helping them dig out the well of the Word by themselves and deliver their own messages depending on the Holy Spirit. Is this truly biblical method of education? And does Jesus really want these kind of things?

9. Missionary Augustine Song was showing a fine example of serving God’s ministry as the UBF director of CIS and Moscow, giving up the professorship of a Korean University. But M. Samuel Lee suddenly dismissed him and summoned him to Korea without any consultant with S. John Jun, the president of Korean staff shepherds. And you ordered him not to come to the UBF center any more. Why did he receive the worst punishment without a fair and impartial process and the opportunity of depending himself? And M. William Kim of India carried an exemplary disciple making ministry in India. Many regarded his ministry as a successful missionary case. It was well known. Then why did you cut away his center from UBF?

10. Last April S. Mark Yang was found to have an shameful affair with one intern shepherdess for four and half years. Later on, that intern shepherdess married a staff shepherd. They are now living a married life. However, after eating her heart out, recently she confessed to her husband all those things that S. Mark Yang did to her. Because of this, her husband submitted his resignation, concluding that he could no longer live a life of staff shepherd. Anna Yang, the wife of S. Mark Yang, came to a silent agreement with that shepherd through giving them money, in order to solve this problem quietly. But, two days later, S. Mark Yang totally denied everything after he returned to Korea. Because of this, that shepherd threatened them that he would inform all these to the Christian Ethics Practice Committee or the Sexual Harassment Protection Civil Organization. S. John Jun gave him 30,000,000 Won (about $27,000) under the condition that he would not make them issues any more. Some shepherds requested S. John Jun to get at the truth of this affair and solve this fairly through the Reward and Punishment Committee. But it was not accepted. M. Samuel Lee! How much do you know about this and how do you want to solve this?

11. On June 4, M. Samuel Lee received a report about the Yung-Nam Province Meeting of the ‘UBF Reform Committee’ from one shepherdess of Busan UBF. At that time, M. Samuel Lee said to her, “Wait since I will give you a direction through my letter.” Later, after receiving the direction from M. Samuel Lee, that shepherdess began to turn against S. James Lee. What was worse, they secretly copied the pocketbook of S. James Lee. Moreover, M. Samuel Lee gave the direction through calling for S. John Jun to meet them. That’s why S. John Jun and S. Mark Yang secretly had an appointment to meet them at 4:00 pm on June 30 without notifying S. James Lee. Instigating 20 some sheep, they started to have a separate meeting leaving Busan UBF from July 2, Sunday. They said Busan UBF became like a church, and they were recognized as an authentic UBF. They rented a center in front of Busan University with 35,000,000 Won (about $32,000) supported by Chicago and monthly payment supported by Seoul Leading Director’s Group of UBF (Chong-Moo-Dan: composed of the president and vice presidents of staff shepherds). There, they have their own Sunday Worship Service. In order to solve this problem, we held a temporary UBF reform subcommittee on July 5 and S. John Jun sent an official document that he had never recognized them. M. Samuel Lee! Is it proper in your faith to stir them up and recognize them as an authentic UBF with these kind of things? Do you think this is the right method to solve the problem?

12. On June 9, M. Samuel Lee wrote a letter to M. Matthew Ahn in Peking like this: “As you know well, Caleb Chung of Taegoo has been played political games. He made a big group, and has been trying to separate Korea UBF into two. However, I do not worry about political things. I had never been involved in political fightings even a single time. I always believed in God. And God always gave me victories. You know Caleb Chung. Therefore you must pray that the hearts of front line missionaries should not be hurt through his political games. … I demand you to be the servant of God in China and have more close relationship with me. If it’s not, God will not bless you. … I pray you may discern whether you become one of Caleb Chung’s agents or the servant of God. May God be with you!” M. Samuel Lee! Do you simply regard the reform movement of Korea as the political games of S. Caleb Chung? Is it not the very political game to plant distrust and estrange between a shepherd and a sheep, and between a missionary and the staff shepherd of sending center? Is that really true that M. Samuel Lee has never been involved in political struggles? Do you really think it is the way of receiving God’s blessing to have a close relationship with the world president of UBF, cutting away the relationship with the staff shepherd of sending center?

13. Generally, doctors do not indicate their doctorate in the private letters or official documents except academic theses. But you always indicated ‘Samuel Lee, Ph.D., Litt.D.‘ in the Newsletters or even in the personal letters. And you let S. John Jun of Korea receive an honorary doctoral degree and ordered us to call him ‘Dr. Jun’ (Jun Pak-Sa) without exception. It is not of one sentiment among Koreans to call ‘Pak-Sa’ to those who received honorary doctoral degrees. Besides, it surely depresses the morale of the majority of shepherds and missionaries who are faithful without names, holding their titles as shepherds and missionaries dearer than any other name. And in USA, after receiving Ph.D. degree, they should submit their dissertations to the Library of the Congress. And after one year, the registration numbers of the doctoral degrees would be given from the Library of the Congress of the Federal Government. M. Samuel Lee! Do you have the registration number of your doctoral degree received from the Library of the Congress?

14. The UBF world headquarter has been receiving the tithe of world mission offerings from the various chapters all over the world, not to mention the Korea headquarter. In last year alone, 55,000,000 Won (about $50,000) was sent to Chicago from Korea only. Therefore, the tithe from the world may be a pretty big money yearly. But until now, M. Samuel Lee never made public the items of income and expenditure even a single time regarding the tithe from the world. Until now how much tithe was sent from which countries and which chapters? And how did you use those offerings? It is the duty of the organization which receives offerings to make public the items of income and expenditure. And it is the basic right of those who are offering their money to demand this. Through a transparent material management like this, we could avoid the useless misunderstandings and our fellowship could grow as a healthy one. And some chapters of USA have been sending 80% of their offerings to USA headquarters. M. Maria Ahn said the pioneering chapters under 15 Sunday worship service attendants should send their whole offering to Chicago. The world headquarter accumulated the world mission offering of 50,000,000,000 Won (about $45,000,000). Then why do you let the pioneering chapters, which have difficulties to pay even the management fee for their centers, send so much money to the headquarter?

15. In the main message of the Newsletter published in March, you pointed out that the reason why the children had no good faith was due to the problem of parents’ faith. And you said that we should make a ‘concentration camp’ for the problem second generations and educate them. However, there is a wide spread rumor that your second daughter, Little Sarah, had a scandalous affair with S. Damon for a considerable period of time around 1998, and because of this S. Damon’s home was broken and he was divorced from his wife. In the letter of an American sister, an ex-shepherdess of Chicago UBF, there is a shocking content that M. Sarah Barry, S. Ron Ward and Ben Toh covered up this scandalous affair systematically. Nevertheless, we know that until now Little Sarah has been receiving $1,000 every month supported by An-Am-Gol center and has the very important position to help the marriage of the second generations of Chicago as their shepherdess. M. Samuel Lee! Did you know the problem between Little Sarah and S. Damon? If you knew that, was it really right before God to let Little Sarah continuously carry that position without helping her repent?

Respectful M. Samuel Lee!

We expect you to answer the above questions honestly, truthfully and with the prayerful heart in the sight of God.

October 24th, in the year of the Lord 2000

Reform Practice Council

The Members of a Standing Committee:

John Kim (Myengruen Center)
Isaac Koh (Soowon Center)
James Lee (Busan Center)
Bona Hong (Daejeon Center)
Caleb Chung (Daegoo Center)
Benhur Hur (Kyungheemoon Center)
Daniel Park (Kyungjoo Center)
Luke Kim (Mokpo Center)
David Woo (Incheon Ceter)
Caleb Park (Chengjoo Center)
Matthew Byen (Jeonjoo Center)