CMO instructs top cop to take appropriate action on B’luru businessman’s complaint

Bangalore: The Office of the Chief Minister (CMO) of Karnataka has directed the Bengaluru Police Commissioner to investigate the matter and take appropriate action in a complaint filed by a city-based businessman alleging fraud, extortion, extortion and the violent accuses his brother of obtaining signatures on blank papers.

According to the complainant, Mohammed Fahim, he has been selling cigarettes and other products under the M/s MA Associates name for over 16 years. He further added that he was the sole investor in the company while his brother Basheer was a working partner. Fahim’s wife, Farheen, reportedly ran businesses on her husband’s behalf.

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Fahim has further claimed that Basheer broke his trust, suppressed the accounts for the 2020-21 financial year and cheated all profits and told his partner Farheen, his brother’s wife, that the company suffered a severe multi-million rupee loss and made her to sign a balance sheet and other documents without presenting originals.

The documents he produced were prepared by accountant Mr. Mylar of M/s Nagesh and Mylar Associates, the complaint added.

When Farheen asked for the original balance sheets and other documents, Basheer reportedly threatened her and began harassing Fahim and Farheen. Fahim had also reportedly attempted suicide due to Basheer’s harassment and was admitted to a private hospital from 03/19/2022 to 05/30/2022.

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The complainant said that Basheer himself at the hospital conspired with the Chartered Account Mr. Mylar, namely M/s Nagesh and Mylar staff, misused his checks by forging his signature without his knowledge and committed fraud by forging approximately Rs .3.6 crore rupees remitted. Even after his release, the harassment continued as he issued his life threat and forcibly took Fahim and Farheen’s signatures on blank papers, blank cash receipts and e-stamp papers.

The complainant has further said that when he was asked to pay the prize which he had previously refused, he instead demanded an amount of Rs. 1,50,00,000/-. He also threatened Farheen to be involved in bogus cases and managed to extort Rs 12,50,000 in cash and Rs 12,50,000 in check on 06/15/2022 with the help of some anti-social elements from a person named Imran Khan Jagirdar, Owner of Hi-tech Engineering, Kormangala.

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In this regard, a complaint was made to the police against Basheer and a copy of the complaint was also sent to the CMO. The CMO has now directed the Police Commissioner to take appropriate action and an FIR has been registered at Ashok Nagar Police Station. Basheer, Imran Khan and Mailar have been named by the police as defendants in the FIR.

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