Cisco Mission Statement | Vision | Core Values | Analysis

Company: Cisco Systems, Inc.
chairman: Charles H Robbins
Founding year:
San Jose, California
number of employees:
Ticker symbol:
Market capitalization (September 2022):
$166.49 billion
annual sales (Fiscal year 2022): $51.56 billion
profit | net income (Fiscal year 2021): $11.81 billion

Products: Wireless Systems ǀ WAN Acceleration Hardware | Security Systems | Energy and building management systems | Media aware network devices
Competitors: Huawei | Dell Technologies | HPE (Aruba)| NETGEAR | Lenovo | Microsoft

Did you know? Cisco is short for San Francisco. “It’s the city where Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack founded the company in 1984. Both scientists attempted to rebrand the products with lowercase “Cisco” as their logo to make them sound unique.

Cisco Systems, commonly known as CSCO, is a renowned networking and technology company. Founded in 1984, the company enables networks and connections in the fields of education, creativity, philanthropy and business.

After a year of work, Stanford licensed its proprietary software to the company. Cisco sold a Digital Equipment computer network interface card in 1985. It was the first product the company sold as an independent company.

Cisco’s powerful software, hardware, and service offerings have helped people create reliable Internet solutions for building networks. These networks give people easy access to information anytime, anywhere.

In addition to these products, Cisco offers a variety of enhanced services and technical support.

Cisco’s revenue is $51.56 billion

The Mission Statement of Cisco

“Shaping the future of work, work for everyone.”

Cisco’s mission statement shows that the leading technology and networking company understands its potential to impact people’s lives and communities. The main components of the instruction are as follows.

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mission statement analysis

Cisco System’s primary focus is to shape the future of how people connect and work, and this is evident in its mission statement. Since Cisco’s inception, the company’s engineering teams have been at the forefront of the development of Internet Protocol (IP) based networking technology. Today the company has a team of over 71,000 employees working worldwide.

The company continues its tradition of designing and developing innovative industry-leading solutions and products. The central development areas of this multinational network and technology company are switching and routing. It also focuses on developing advanced technologies including optical networks, IP telephony and storage area NetworkingSecurity and wireless technology.

The company is a change agent for companies and people who need technological advances. Cisco believes in embracing the future of work as it helps people prepare their networks for cloud-managed Catalyst.

For example, Cisco network cloud is an easy way to deploy, manage and operate your Nexus network.

The second component of Cisco’s mission statement fulfills the first element. The company remains open to tech-savvy and talented people. Also, the IT and networking company nurtures its talents by giving them the opportunity to invest in a system that offers opportunities. To meet this need, the company ensures that it presents itself as a globally dominant, innovative and dynamic entity within the technology industry.

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The latest Cisco products such as SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing quality and reliable offerings. SASE is a revolution for secure access anywhere. It’s an integrated, flexible approach that brings together networking and security in the cloud to protect and connect users working across devices.

The mission statement shows that the company views a secure network as an integral part of a progressive future. For this reason, providing network security is a priority for Cisco. The company ensures that the network you work on is safe, secure and consistent.

Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

“Ensure an inclusive future for all.”

Cisco has always strived to make a positive impact on society. The company strives for an inclusive future for all. Cisco’s goal of corporate responsibility supports its purpose of creating an inclusive environment that benefits workers, communities and most importantly, the planet.

Here are the key components of Cisco’s corporate responsibility goal:

  • Achieve positive results worldwide

The goal of impacting communities on a global scale reflects Cisco’s vision to drive change and address the world’s most pressing challenges. The IT company wants to achieve more than that 1 billion people around the world by 2025. The company’s partnerships and programs like the Cisco Networking Academy help people access diverse opportunities.

  • Supporting environmental sustainability

A… create sustainable environment for all is one of Cisco’s corporate responsibility goals. The leading IT and networking company is taking action to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce waste. Cisco’s science-based goal focuses on a deep reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across product use, operations, and the supply chain.

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Cisco core values

Cisco works hard to create a culture that encourages full collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. The company believes in innovative technologies that connect people, benefit everyone and use them as their own core values.

The values ​​guide the company and require it to take a stand against ideas and actions that threaten the safety, equality and dignity of workers both in the workplace and in the communities in which they live.

The values ​​are part of Cisco’s “Our people deal‘ and serve as a strategy to ensure everyone gets the treatment and rights they deserve. Our People Deal is an agreement that articulates what Cisco expects of employees.

The agreement encourages employees to do their best to create an inclusive and welcoming environment based on mutual respect and trust. The aim is to promote an environment in which the integrity of the company guides and determines its actions. It creates an atmosphere that allows people to speak their minds and hold themselves accountable.

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