Boom Boom Criticised By Some Fans For Simulating Gun-Violence On Stage

A series of videos that Selector Boom Boom has posted showing him standing on a cart at a party while using a crudely built prop gun to simulate pumping multiple shots into a man aren’t popular with some of his fans arrived safely.

On Wednesday, Boom Boom shared three video clips of himself with a cigarette in hand, allegedly paying tribute to Bounty Killer and Tugstar’s new song Raise the gunat this week’s edition of Boasy Tuesdays Party in Kingston.

As Boom Boom “fires” round after round, some female patrons jump up and laugh and cheer him on.

“BoasyTuesdays was cozy last night… @1ungeneral (Bounty Killer) @tugstar1 Big SoG In The Streets #TuffHead 🤦‍♀️ What More Cn I Do 🐐,” Boom Boom captioned the post.

While many of his devoted fans found the antics entertaining and expressed regret that they were not there to enjoy the celebrations, there were many who blamed his actions given Jamaica’s large body of gun crimes, the high homicide for ruthlessly held rate and the pressures dancehall has fallen under.

Some supporters berated the Grants Pen native, demanding he set a better example.

“We could say it’s entertainment, but it’s not for everyone, bro. Try to use it in a positive way. There is too much gun crime in Jamaica for that now. Remember that younger children look up to you. Respect,” one man remarked.

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There was a row between a woman who supported Boom Boom’s actions and those who objected after a man sparked the debate by saying he was disappointed with the BMW selector.

“Check out what the boys are promoting, Lose Off Boom Boom. This is not a dance hall, they carry the films into the dance hall. Yeh jah,” he remarked, to which the woman replied, “Hey get up and shut up, dancehall boring n people dem a nice it up back, y unuh so badmind mon… WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?? Boom boom nuh you need strength if you lose him boom boom nuh love man get up,” she explained.

“If we don’t like it, a music/dance hall comes out because more is coming… we don’t care about unuh kmt,” she added.

Another commenter, humbleguy26, had a lot to say about Boom Boom and those who supported his actions. In his opinion, this kind of behavior destroyed dancehall.

“That’s why people die so often in the ghetto. The kids watch this silly behavior in dancehall, everyone has internet these days. Damn it, you look stupid. The whole world is laughing at you fools. Unno mash up dancehall.”

“You glorify guns, but when the shooter shoots your children or your relatives, you cry out to God and the government to help you. You are bloody hypocrites. No wonder that Afrobeats are conquering the international charts. This kind of gun songs is only trending in Jamaica, New York, London, Toronto etc. because that’s where most Jamaicans live and they’re familiar with dancehall music,” he explained.

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Continued humbleguy26: “But worldwide: DANCEHALL IS DYING. That’s because people are tired of hearing violent lyrics. Tired of hearing lyrics that undermine our black women. I’m not angry, I just hate to see people laughing at our beautiful country because people like you condone violence and neglect. get smarter,”

Boom Boom did, however, have support from some prominent people in the music industry, including BBC 1Xtra disc jockey Seani B.

“I’m going to witness that on Boom Sunday. Crazy frenzy……🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Hookers nuh nawmal about it,” he noted.

He was also cheered on by dancer Shelly Belly, who commented, “It’s a movie 🤣🤣🤣 and a seemingly amused Moyann, adding, “I bomboclaat a gwaannn 😂😂.”

Other commenters said that while they recognize the theater was played in jest, a physical glorification of guns in the dancehall space was not necessary.

“Blessed be King, I know it’s all fun and games and it’s for entertainment, but there is too much gun violence in Jamaica for us to dancehall depict,” said one man, while djcharmz added, “The Gun violence is so high in JA but you still advertise it and call it jokes. It’s not funny my people please wake up!!!! I’m a big fan of the talent, but this has to stop.”

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“I read through the comments to see if anyone with any sense is in here because nowhere is this funny…dancehall has gone to the dogs…sheer stupidity that gets a promotion…that, stop dancing with women, gets gun violence promoted and trash music.” said beddy_milk.

One man said that Boom Boom, who himself has lost loved ones to gun violence, should not use his platform to encourage such horrific behavior as by doing so he was carrying out Satan’s work.

“I’m very disappointed in you @billboardselector. We already have a society paralyzed by violence and wanton crime and mass deaths, and this only glorifies and encourages the evil works of the devil. This is going too far now,” said willpowertransformation.

“You have lost many loved ones to gun violence and with this activity you support them. Be careful what you do as it will come to you. Help save Jamaica by taking responsibility in your job as a selector. Promote love, peace and harmony, be a messenger for God and not for the devil. God is certainly not pleased with you, since he did not endow you to promote evil,” he added.

“Everything this flesh practices manifests… What they promote will even affect their own family… these are deceptive spirits of satan,” added aron832.

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