BJP Leader’s Son Accused Of K*lling A Teen Girl Who Worked As His Receptionist !!

The hashtag “Justice for Ankita” is trending on the microblogging social media site, where hundreds of people are seeking justice for the death of a 19-year-old girl who worked as a receptionist at a resort called Rishikesh, the Pulkit Arya , the son of a senior, is owned by BJP leader and ex-minister Vinod Arya. It was alleged that the young girl was pushed by Pulkit and two other accomplices of him after she refused to indulge in prostitution with the hotel guests.

Ankita hails from Pauri Garhwal of Uttarkhand and disappeared four days ago from Rishikesh Resort in Uttarkhand where she used to work as a receptionist. According to reports, she was allegedly pushed off a cliff into the River Ganges by the owner and his two employees after refusing to obey them.

Main Accused – Pulkit Arya

Ankita Bhandari sent a message to her close friend on Whatsapp saying, “They force me to provide extra service to hotel guests because they feel unsafe…the owner once tried to force-kiss me,” days before her disappearance . Ankita also reportedly shared her anguish with her peers.

After the preliminary investigation, police said the teenager joined the resort for a salary of Rs. 10,000 per month on August 28th. this year. “The main defendant, Pulkit Arya, 35, a son of senior BJP leader and ex-minister Vinod Arya, allegedly forced her, despite her constant refusals, to ‘enter into sexual relations with his guests in order to earn some extra money’.”

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Virendra Bhandari, the victim’s father, said he ran from pillar to pillar to report a case registered with the Financial Police, but was only able to file a case after the intervention of State Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri.


Resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar, 35, and Staffer Ankit Gupta, 19, are the other accused alongside Pulkit. They were arrested under IPC Sections 302 (Murder), 120-b (Criminal Conspiracy) and 201 (Causing Disappearance of Evidence).

Yashwanth Singh, SSP of the Judiciary, said: “During Thursday night’s questioning, the three defendants confessed to their crime. Saurabh Baskar told police that on the evening of September 18, Pulkit, the resort owner, and the girl were involved in an argument in her room in front of him and Ankit Gupta.”



“Around 8pm the three defendants then left the resort with her on two bicycles – the girl sat with Pulkit while Bhaskar and Gupta sat on another bicycle. They headed towards AIIMS Rishikesh and ate some snacks. From there, at around 8:30 a.m., they walked to the Chilla Barrage, where the three had liquor. There they had another argument with the girl. In a fit of rage, Pulkit pushed her off a cliff a few kilometers from the resort and into the river, where she drowned within minutes. The search for the body is now underway,” the officer added.

According to police reports, the three suspects told others the next day that the receptionist had disappeared from her room as planned. “One of the staff who received a call from her on the evening of her disappearance informed the police that he saw her very tense and crying profusely,” said ASP Shekhar Suyal, who leads a 14-strong investigation team.

The girl’s father, who is still in a shocked state, said he went to the resort to check the CCTV footage but the cameras were broken. He said that the local financial police supported the defendant and did not take a complaint from him, after which he called the congregation spokeswoman and registered a case when she directed a district judge to investigate the case.

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sacrifice Ankita

A senior police official told the media that the local inspector wasted crucial time in the case. He expressed his fear of losing much of the evidence since the incident happened three long days ago. “The girl’s body has yet to be recovered. An autopsy is crucial to determine the details of the urder. The county government should order a large probe,” he said.

The incident caused widespread outrage among locals and internet media. Many people gathered outside the resort to seek justice. Meanwhile, Uttarkhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dham ordered the authorities to inspect all resorts operating in the state and take action against those established illegally. He also urged authorities to gather information about the condition of employees at resorts, hotels and inns in the state and to take their grievances seriously.

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