‘Bachelor’ Stars Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Split 6 Months After Finale: It’s ‘Painful’

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Clayton Echard29, and Susie Evans, 29, both nurture a broken heart. the previous Bachelor Stars announced their split via Instagram on September 23, and you better grab your tissues! In the post, they both wrote, “It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways. Anyone who has ever loved knows that this was a painful decision and not one to be taken lightly.”

“We understand there will likely be many questions surrounding this decision – social media is definitely a highlight and many of our shared experiences we’ve kept private as I’m sure most can understand,” her lengthy statement continued. Claysie (as fans dubbed the duo) continued that despite the many positive moments, there was still “a significant amount of pain.” And that they were “unprepared for the outside forces that were impeding our ability to heal not just as individuals but as a couple.”

Regardless, both are “focused on continuing to work on ourselves so we can be the best version of ourselves.” The TV personalities added that they are “supportive” of each other following the split, although it’s “not an easy time”. “Although Claysie no longer exists, we hope our communities can support us individually as we move forward with love and respect for one another. Thank you to everyone who has supported our relationship. It means so much more than you will ever know,” their joint post concluded.

Clayton Echard & Susie Evans officially split on September 23rd. (ABC)

Susie and former Bachelor Star met on season 26 of the hit ABC dating series. They didn’t initially end up on the show together, but actually got together after the dramatic finale. During his season, Clayton had told all three finalists that he was in love with them. Finalists included Susie, Gaby Windy31, and Rachel Recchia26

The Virginia Beach native had told him she was uncomfortable with him being intimate with the other two women, leading to an explosion between them. Clayton eventually sent Susie home but then wanted another chance with her. Susie agreed, but only if Clayton cut ties with Gabby and Rachel. “I was really shocked by how it all ended,” she said during the finale. “The way you treated me, the way you turned your back on me, that’s where my attitude toward you changed. I couldn’t even fight back. I felt so vulnerable. I felt like that night when you made me question my inner voice, my intuition, everything. I felt like a terrible person. It was humbling if I’m honest. You made me feel wrong and bad, and that was the heartbreak.” Susie eventually turned it down during the final rose ceremony, and they didn’t officially refrain until after the season was over. After all the drama, it might be best if this relationship ended amicably.

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