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The Air Force confirmed today that it plans to reveal this B-21 Raider during the first week of December during an unveiling ceremony hosted and sponsored by Northrop Grumman Corporation at their manufacturing facilities in Palmdale, California.

The B-21 is a long-range stealth bomber with high survivability and penetration that will gradually replace the B-1 and B-2 bombers and become the backbone of the US Air Force’s bomber fleet.

“The unveiling of the B-21 Raider will be a historic moment for our Air Force and the nation,” said the Air Force chief of staff General CQ Brown, Jr. β€œWe last introduced a new bomber more than 30 years ago threats from our Pacing Challenge; we must continue to modernize quickly. The B-21 Raider will provide impressive combat capability for a range of operations in the highly competitive environments of the future.”

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The Department of the Air Force invests in the Long-range strike capability of the aircraft as part of its seven Operational imperatives how it develops advanced communications, sensors and a wide mix of weapons and support systems necessary to deter our opponents and win in combat.

We need to invest in long-range attacks in a highly competitive environment Integration of the B-21 bomber with advanced communications, sensors and a wide mix of weapons and support systems.

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After the unveiling, the B-21 program will continue its rigorous testing Campaign with a combined team of professionals from the air force test center, Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Centerand Northrop grumman. Your work will review performance and identify areas for improvement for the weapon system.

“The B-21 program is a striking example of America’s long history of Deploying advanced military technology through an innovative, adaptable and efficient defense industrial base,” said Andrew Jaeger, assistant secretary of the Air Force for procurement, technology and logistics. “The Air Force made the decision early in the life of the program to make flight test aircraft production representative, which is paying off when we look at the maiden flight.

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The B-21 weapon system is manufactured on behalf of the Luftwaffe Northrop Grumman. It is designed with an open systems architecture that allows for rapid adoption of mature technologies and allows the aircraft to remain effective as threats evolve over time.

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