Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Paying To Undermine Female Rappers

Azealia Banks lashes out at Nicki Minaj again, who has accused her of trying to screw up one of her business deals and that she’s “broke” and allegedly paying blogs to make life difficult for other rappers.

Banks isn’t a friend or fan of Minaj, and this wouldn’t be the first scathing tirade against the Queens rapper.

On Friday, Azalea posted multiple Instagram Stories claiming the 39-year-old rapper paid the two bartenders who sued Cardi B, and she also accused her of paying Tasha K to go after Cardi while she claimed , she’s broke and owes her a lot of people.

“Imagine how mad @nickiminaj is that he paid over $100,000 for the girls’ lawyers and put them in a video with Weirdo Tekashi so they only get $5,000 a piece. Nicki wanted Cardi to be hit with a crime and have her passport abandoned so she can no longer travel outside the country. Imagine the salt on her rim as she pays Tasha k to lie and Cardi wins a 4m award in court. Imagine you owe Rushka Bergman money for styling you. Imagine being told no by @monotofficial and then buying it,” Azalea said.

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Nicki Minaj has not commented on the allegations. She was recently spotted with Monot Official for her single “Love In The Way” featuring Bleu.

Azealia Banks also claimed Nicki Minaj put her hairstylist, believed to be Arrogant Tae, on advance but then asked him to work for free.

“Imagine being so jealous that you put your barber on advance and tell him he can’t work with longtime friends anymore, only to turn around and ask him to work for free because your money is from everyone the barbs and blogs they pay to try and make life miserable for female rappers,” she said.

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“Nicki Minaj is broke like broke broke. Fraudulent manufacturing companies for private jets and rented houses have kind of gone bust,” Banks claimed.

Banks also claimed Minaj was turned down for other business ventures who allegedly refused to work for her.

“Gossip blogs and this utterly unentertaining media personality of Chickenhead don’t work. It’s a terrible acting sister. Stop yelling into your phone like you have no brains…Queen Radio was dropped by Apple, you got rejected by Netflix and HBO Max…then you tried to give @bronstudios an ultimatum about working with me even though they probably won’t even get your documentary out for how mean you’ve been to them and how gross they all think you are,” Banks wrote.

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Azealia Banks Instagram Story

Azealia Banks also went on to rant for telling the rapper to go to rehab and claiming she implied the rapper was addicted to opioids. “You cannot travel to certain countries with these substances. And we don’t want you to have a seizure trying to come off opioids without medical help.”

Nicki Minaj hasn’t responded to Banks, despite claiming that the “Super Freaky Girl” uses drugs. Last week, Minaj filed a defamation lawsuit against a YouTuber who claimed she was a cocaine user and that she had videos of her using the drug. Minaj denies she used drugs and offers to have her hair tested to prove she doesn’t.

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