At $19,500, Is This 1975 Ford B-100 Panel Truck a Rare Deal?

Good Price or No Die 1975 Ford B-100 Carryall

Today’s seller Good price or no dice B-100 says it’s the only panel version they’ve ever seen in the US. Let’s see if it’s priced to be spotted in a new owner’s driveway anytime soon.

Yesterday 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet had a lot to offer. Most of its weaknesses have already been addressed looked well cared for in the pictures, and it wore a fairly new set of tires. At 142K however also had a lot of km on the clock. That seemed to dampen interest in the car even at its $23,500 price point. Ultimately, the pluses outweighed the minuses, resulting in the AWD Porsche and 62 percent win Nice Price.

As enthusiasts, we often lament the denied cars and trucks our particular market. The federal 25-year rule offers some relief for that hardship, but even that doesn’t address the expense and machinations required to ship a car from one continent to another when you have something as big as an ocean in between to have. But what if the vehicle you wanted – one that has never been sold in your country – was right next door?

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That’s how it is with today 1975 Ford B-100 panel van. It’s based on the F series, which has been popular in the USA ever since forever who has the carryall line remained exclusive to Latin American markets. Why did Ford decide not to bring the two-, three- and four-door station wagons to its largest and most profitable market? Who knows. Perhaps in the spirit of competition, Ford feared that the carryall line would spell some doom for GM’s Suburban trucks.

For some reason this clever and handsome B-100 panel is here as a private party import, and according to the seller, it may be the only one on US soil.

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As mentioned, the basis for this truck is Ford’s F-Series, and everything on it from the B-pillar to the front will be very familiar to fans of the brand. Behind, however, is a closed and windowless cabin with utilitarian objects double doors.

The paint looks like a relatively new paint job and the truck rolls on polished alloy wheels give it a clean appearance. The whole glass appears to be intact as well as all the lights, especially the taillights which look like they came from a contemporary Dodge pickup. According to the seller, the truck is in excellent condition and not a “rust bucket”.

The powertrain consists of a 302 CID V8 mated to a four-speed manual transmission with an ultra-low first gear. Power steering was added, but the truck does not have air conditioning or heating installed. Standard F-Series parts should always fit.

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The cabin is spartan, offering just the basics and a snake-shaped shifter sticking out of the rubberized floor. There’s a pair of cloth-covered seats up front, plus a third, occasional seat in between. Nothing about the interior looks unusual and the seller presents it honestly.

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According to this seller’s description, this B-100 originally served a family business “deep in Mexico”. The store must not have asked much of the truck as it only has 59,995 miles on the line. Some of those miles likely made his way across the border to the US, where he now resides with a clean title and Arizona registration.

The asking price for this simple and fairly exclusive truck is $19,500, and the seller advertises that another carryall is nicknamed “El Chapo.” auctioned for more than tenfold.

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It should be noted that this particular truck has been bid for up to $27,000 bring followers back in March of this year, seemingly without a sale.

Do you think $19,500 is now a fair price for the truck as presented in the ad? Or is this a carryall with a price not worth caring about?

You decide!

San Diego, California, craigslistor go here when the display disappears.

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