Amitabh Bachchan is in awe of contestant Karan Thakore as he narrates his proposal story, calls him ‘adbhut’

KBC 14 presenter Amitabh Bachchan calls contestant Karan Thakore Adbhut during the game Pic Credit Instagram

KBC 14 presenter Amitabh Bachchan calls contestant Karan Thakore adbhut during the game. Photo credit: Instagram

In the latest episode, Karan Chandrasinh Thakore became the latest contestant to grace the popular TV game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. He wins the first round with the fastest finger, makes his way to the hot seat, and tries his luck at the game.

Karan, a farmer from Gujarat, spoke about his late father who died from COVID-19 infection and dedicated the game to him.

During the game he reveals that his favorite singer is his wife and he prefers to listen to her songs alone. This prompts Big B to ask his wife to sing a few words, and he is struck by her voice.

He goes on to tell his marriage story, stating that he had an arranged marriage. Not interested in getting married at first, he decided to give it a try as their families had already met and decided among themselves and spoken to her on WhatsApp before their wedding.

He immediately connected with her and soon proposed to her on the messaging platform himself. Amitabh is surprised and amazed at how such platforms can be used to create deep connections.

He added that he wasn’t interested in love and relationships at all: “I had no experience talking to women. My mom would often taunt me, saying she’d never seen a college kid come home on time. I had no interest in any of these.”

Amitabh is surprised again and calls him “adbhut”. The actor is impressed by his knowledge and asks him how he keeps up to date on various tidbits, to which he replies that his interest is in acquiring as much knowledge as possible while striving to sit state examinations.

Karan excels throughout the game and answers questions with the utmost confidence. He does, however, get stuck on a question for Rs 75 lakhs which was: Which of these received a Nobel Prize for a work that later turned out to be bogus?

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The options given were A. Oswald Avery, B. Josiah Gibbs, C. Gilbert N. Lewis, D. Johannes Fibiger. Since he can’t guess the answer correctly, he decides to end the game.

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Kavita Chawla on becoming Kaun Banega’s FIRST Crorepati Crorepati 14: It’s always been a dream

Amitabh asks him to guess an answer before leaving, and chooses option D. The former says, “I think you realized you’re right.” after seeing him laugh while guessing the answer. The game ends with Karan taking home Rs 50 lakh.

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