AJ Student Prize 2022: University of Strathclyde

About the Faculty of Architecture

location Glasgow courses BSc (Hons) Architectural Studies, MArch in Advanced Architectural Design, PgDip in Advanced Architectural Design Headmaster Tim Sharpe full-time tutors 9 part-time tutors 56 students 610 Ratio of staff to students 1:12


Catherine Campbell


Source: Catherine Campbell

course BSc (Hons) Architectural Studies
Studio/unit short Design Studies 4A & B (Unit 5)
project title Podyssey

project description Designed to be Scotland’s first open access, post-pandemic co-work hub, Podyssey is a collection of five ‘nodes’ across Glasgow: Work, Live, Care, Learn and Grow. Reusing the former ambulance building on Maitland Street, the Work node aims to reflect post-pandemic work by offering non-traditional amenities for office workers, including artists’ studios. It consists of portable plug-in pods that host shared facilities. The framed construction allows for customization and a sustainable way of working, with the pods easily adaptable to a changing business.

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teacher quote Catherine demonstrated a critical inquiry and brief development that resulted in a complex and appealing proposal. The communicated design process was excellent and went well beyond the criteria. Graeme Nicholls and William Gunn

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Daniel Timofan

course PGDip/MArch in Advanced Architectural Design
Studio/unit short location[making]: Place as Sudden Gap…or the Urgency of the Urban Unplanned (Studio 04)
project title Redivivus – a way to overcome oblivion

project description The project examines how the Venetians can regain control of their city, which is too often seen as just a tourist commodity. Located in the Arsenale di Venezia, Redivivus presents an imaginary architecture in which skill restoration and boat building become a core element in reforming the Venetian economy and reducing its dependence on tourism. The project envisions architectures arranged according to the spatial logic of pre-industrial shipbuilding coupled with a revival of craftsmanship and the use of contemporary materials.

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teacher quote The design response here is among the best we’ve seen in recent years – not only due to the compelling drawings, but also thanks to the clever balance between rigor and openness in the testing and development process. Gordon Murray and Piotr Lesniak

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