According to Hindu mythology, what kind of animal was the mother of Mahishasura?

In the 14th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, such common knowledge questions are asked that the contestant sitting in the hot seat is forced to think. Answering the simple question from the simple turns the participants’ heads, and they provide answers to many difficult questions in the blink of an eye. Viewers will enjoy many interesting questions and answers from the participants of Amitabh Bachchan, who will host the show. Here are 10 questions asked in the latest 39th episode of KBC, if your knowledge is good then answer these questions…

1. In which UK city is Buckingham Palace located?

Correct answer – London

2. Do you know which bone in the body is also called the forehead?
A Frontal bone
B. Clavicle
C. Temporal bone
D. Occiput

Correct answer: frontal bone

3. In which country is the coldest village in the world?
A. Iceland
B. Russia
C Canada
D. Estonia

Correct answer – Russia

4. What is Australia’s largest city by area?
A. Melbourne

Correct answer: Brisbane

5. Ons Jabour, who played in the US Open singles final, became the continent’s first woman to play in a Grand Slam final in the Open era?
A Europe
B. Africa
C Australia
D. South America

Correct answer – Africa

6. Which scientist developed the instrument to record the subtle reactions of plants?
A. Satyendra Nath Bose
B. CV Raman
C. Jagdish Chandra Bose
D Meghnad Saha

Correct Answer – Jagdish Chandra Bose

7. According to a popular story, the Bengali sweet Ledikeni was named after the wife of which viceroy?
A.Lord Dalhousie
B.Lord Napier
C. Lord Elgin
D Lord Canning

Correct answer – Lord Canning

8. Which element is denoted by K. Its deficiency in the body is called hypokalemia?
A. Sodium
B. Krypton
C. Potassium
D. Calcium

Correct answer: potassium

9. According to Hindu mythology, what kind of animal was Mahishasura’s mother?
A lion
B. Wild boar
C. Buffalo
D. Crocodile

Correct answer: buffalo

10. Which Indian-made Covid-19 vaccine for animals was launched by the Indian Minister of Agriculture in 2022?
A. Courbevax
B. kovovax
C. Anchovy
D. Novavax

Correct answer: anchovy


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