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RSQUBF (Rescue UBF) is a web-based service dedicated to the purposes of supporting former members of the University Bible Fellowship (UBF) and informing and educating people about UBF’s practices. UBF is a group that recruits primarily on university and college campuses. UBF originated in Korea in the early 1960s and currently has operations throughout the world with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. UBF was run primarily by Samuel Lee until his death in January, 2002. Lee was the cofounder and International Director of UBF and leader of the main UBF chapter in Chicago. He is seen as one of the main causes of the problematic teachings and practices of UBF since its early roots in Korea. UBF has often been compared to a cult in its 40 year history.


“What if we started a service that helped people after they left UBF?”

This question triggered the vision to start RSQUBF, a small group support service started in April of 2000 for people who had left UBF after experiencing spiritual abuse there. Several people would get together on a monthly basis and share their experiences in UBF, what happened when they left, and how they coped afterwards. Later that year in July of 2000, we began the RSQUBF web site with the intention of helping former members of UBF to get some answers as well as some healing and validation of their decisions to leave the group.

We did not anticipate the reaction that our site would get.

Shortly after this site was put up, there was almost an immediate response from all kinds of people in and out of UBF. At first, we had only a couple of pages that compared UBF’s unhealthy practices with that of healthy ministries and a guestbook for people to sign. We found that people were spending most of their time in the guestbook, using it as a discussion tool rather than as a place to just say ‘hi’ or to leave brief comments. As more people visited the site, it was clear that we needed to expand. Later that year, we added a message board, chat rooms, a links page, and other useful, informative sections that shed light on the corruption and abuses in UBF.

At present, RSQUBF has had over 30,000 site visitors with at least 100 people visiting daily from countries all over the world. This web-based service was an instrumental communication tool during a 2001-2002 worldwide call for reform in UBF. We hope to continue to expose the facts about the aberrant teachings and practices that run rampant in UBF.

This website is maintained by ex-UBF members.

Mission & Values

In order to maintain our focus on informing the public and creating a safe environment, RSQUBF has a specific mission and set of values that drive our service.

Our Mission Our service is dedicated to:

RECOVERY for the wounded

RESTORATION of the identity

RECONCILIATION with God and family Our Values The values essential to our service have been modeled around the H.E.L.P. acrostic:

H ealing for ex-UBF, non-UBF, and current UBF members

E dification of the soul

L iving as a new creation

P eople changing the world Each value corresponds with each part of our mission. For example, the first part of our mission, “Recovery for the wounded”, has the corresponding value, “Healing for ex-UBF members”. Using this paradigm we can say that our mission is defined by our values. There are many other values that are essential to this service, however, these values are the broadest and most applicable throughout. We hope that those of you who still seek to reform UBF can appropriate these values for your own ministry and avoid going down the same road that UBF has in the past.