7 Refreshing K-pop Male Idols’ Songs To Listen To As Summer Nears Its End

Autumn is coming as the cold breeze is coming. However, we can still feel the heat with these refreshing summer songs by male K-pop artists chosen by Koreans!

CIX – ‘wave’


(Photo: C9 ENTERTAINMENT/ Helix Publicity LLC)

First on our list is the song “Wave” by C9 Entertainment’s five-piece rookie boy band CIX. This song will make you feel like it’s summer again listening to the beat and chorus which is very lively and upbeat.

Taken from CIX’s first album, ‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK,’ this song will captivate your ears as the members’ voices are as refreshing as a summer fruit juice you need to stay cool and crisp.

ASTRO – ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’

The next song is from Fantagio’s boy band, ASTRO. Her song “Crazy Sexy Cool” is a combination of hip, seductive and fresh.


(Photo: NCsoft/Klap)

The boy band not only fits into the concept, but embodies it. Even though they wear suits and look really cool, it still suits summer as the tune is refreshing and exciting.

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NCT DREAM – ‘Hello Future’

This time we have NCT DREAM. The most famous NCT unit won the hearts of Korean fans with this song.

NCT Dream Glitch mode

(Photo: Instagram: @nct_dream)
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The song “Hello Future” was released last year and has now almost 100 million views on their official YouTube channel. The sound combined with the cute and refreshing music video made this song a hit among NCTzens.

Not just for looks, the boy band also featured fresh vocals with amazing choreography that fans love to see every time they watch the music video.

ONF – ‘popping’

ONF's MV 'Your Song' breaks personal record on YouTube after scoring THIS

(Photo: ONF (News1))

The title of their album alone, “Summer Popup Album (Popping),” would tell us that it contains summer songs. Fans of the boy band recommended the song in the article for many other K-pop fans to see and hear.

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“Popping” starts off with a very sweet sound and throughout remains lively and energetic, just what it takes to get through a hot summer.

If you watch the music video for “Popping” you will love the song more as the members bring a more alive feel to the song while enjoying their time playing together.

THE BOYZ – ‘Thrill Ride’

From start to finish, this song will get you in the summer vibes as the beat and lyrics revolve around an exciting ride on their summer vacation.


(Photo: Facebook: THE BOYZ)

THE BOYZ’s “Thrill Ride” has a whistle in its instrumental that is highly addictive and will stick in your head. That’s probably why Korean fans suggested it because it added to the song’s freshness.

MONSTA X – ‘Beautiful Night’

For the fifth song we have a B-side track from one of the Starship Entertainment groups, MONSTA X. Their song “Beautiful Night” has that beat and melody that you want to hear to feel happy.

The members’ voices add more pizzazz to the song, making it livelier and more open-minded. Despite not being a title track, many fans love this song.

Kim Jaehwan – “Love Strike”

The solo singer’s versatile voice suits this summer song perfectly because he sings it perfectly. Kim Jaehwan’s “Love Strike” is featured on his latest album, Empty Dream.

Kim Jaehwan Releases Shirtless Teaser Photo For His Comeback

(Photo: KIM JAEHWAN – Twitter)

As you listen to the song, you will get more and more excited because of the melody and his amazing voice. The shrill song is a perfect song for a pool party on a hot summer’s day.

Do you like any of these songs? How about recommending your own summer songs by K-pop boy bands? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by Jaswin Singh

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