4 Ways To Stimulate Gum Growth

If your gums start to recede, you may have periodontitis or gum recession, which is a gum disease that can damage the bone and tissue that attaches to your teeth. Immediately visit the dentist when you feel a change in the gums. Meanwhile, you can use home-made ingredients to stimulate gum growth. However, be aware that this method is supported by little scientific evidence. Use this method with caution, and don’t use it as a substitute for brushing your teeth, flossing between your teeth, and having regular dental check-ups.

Using Pasta

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Mix baking soda and water. Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water in a small glass. Stir the solution and keep adding water until a paste forms. You have to mix the baking soda and water. Baking soda alone will be too harsh on your teeth and gums.

You can also mix baking soda with olive or coconut oil instead of water.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Apply the paste to the gums. Dip one finger in the paste then apply it to the gum line. Gently massage the gums with your fingers in a circle. You can also apply the paste to your gums with a soft toothbrush.

Give massage for 2 minutes.

Use this paste 2-3 times a week.

Stop using the paste if your gums seem to be getting irritated.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Make a herbal paste. Mix turmeric powder with water to form a paste. Use a soft toothbrush to apply this paste to the gums. If the toothbrush feels too rough, just use your fingers to spread the paste onto your gums. Let this paste sit on the gums for a few minutes then wash off with water.

You can also apply chopped sage or 1/16 teaspoon of dried sage to your gums. Let the sage sit on the gums for 2-3 minutes then rinse with water.

Turmeric and sage both have anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric can also help the body fight bacteria in addition to reducing inflammation.

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Using Zoned Olive Oil

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Buy ozonated olive oil . Zoned olive oil is olive oil that is more powerful against harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth. This ozonation process changes the color of the olive oil from greenish to a white gel. You can buy zoned olive oil from online stores like Amazon.

Ozonated olive oil has been known to heal sores on the gums and reduce symptoms of gum disease.

Cool the zoned olive oil in the refrigerator or out of the sun at room temperature.

Many people get good results undergoing this treatment. However, the only way to stop gum recession is to seek medical attention from a dentist. Ozone therapy is known to kill anaerobic bacteria, a very successful measure against periodontitis.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Toothbrush. Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled brush and non-fluoride toothpaste. When you’re done, floss between your teeth to remove plaque and food debris. Olive oil will be more effective if you clean your mouth first.

Be careful not to brush your teeth too vigorously before applying the oil.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Apply oil to the gums. You can apply the oil to the gums directly with your fingers or with a toothbrush. Massage the oil into the gums for 10 minutes. After you apply the oil, do not eat, drink, or rinse your mouth for 30 minutes.

You can also brush your teeth with oil.

Do not use ozonated olive oil if you have recently had a heart attack, are pregnant, have hyperthyroidism, have alcohol poisoning, or have bleeding in your organs.

Read the instructions on the oil package to find out how often to use it.

Try the Oil Pulling Method

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Put a spoonful of oil in your mouth. Oil Pulling is used to remove dirt from the mouth. Coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, or palm oil can be used. Coconut oil is the most popular choice, but it solidifies below 24 degrees Celsius, and is difficult to gargle in lumps. Try mixing coconut oil with one of the following oils (sunflower oil, sesame oil, or palm oil) to make gargling easier.

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Children (ages 5-15 years) should only use 1 teaspoon of oil.

Sesame oil is the most preferred oil of Indian society. Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and is believed to strengthen teeth and gums.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Use the oil to gargle. Gargle with the oil for 10-15 minutes. The oil will turn milky white and thinner. Movement when gargling will help activate the enzymes. However, do not ingest this oil as it contains bacteria.

If you can’t gargle with oil for 10-15 minutes a day, start by gargling for 5 minutes and then increase it.

Preferably, do this treatment in the morning before eating.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Toothbrush. After removing the oil from your mouth, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water as usual. Oil pulling is not a substitute for brushing or regular oral care. Oil pulling should only be used as a supplement to regular care.

The effectiveness of oil pulling is equivalent to commercial mouthwash to treat bad breath and plaque buildup. Gingivitis (early stage gum disease) is caused by plaque buildup.

If you do oil pulling every day, the plaque buildup should be reduced in 10 days.

Although the American Dental Association does not recommend oil pulling , this dental and gum treatment has been used for centuries. Even if you use this technique, make sure you consult your dentist for gum recession.

Caring for Gums

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Know the causes of gum recession. There are many factors that can cause gum recession. Your dentist can help identify your risk factors. Common causes of gum recession include:

Gum disease

Using a coarse-bristled toothbrush or brushing your teeth too vigorously

Naturally thin or weak gums

Smoking or using tobacco

Injury to the gum tissue

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4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Brush teeth twice a day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth 2 times a day. Point the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Brush your teeth in short, back and forth motions without pressing. After that, move the brush vertically by “pulling” the gums toward the teeth. The secret to preventing gum recession is a good massage of the gums along with a brushing technique that can stimulate the growth of the gums onto the chewing surface.

Be sure to brush all surfaces on your teeth.

Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months or more often if the bristles start to widen and change color.

Brush your tongue after you finish brushing your teeth to get rid of the bacteria.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Clean between your teeth with floss every day. Doing this treatment every day will help get rid of plaque that can’t be removed by simply brushing your teeth. Prepare about 50 cm of dental floss and then wrap it around the middle finger. Make a “C” shape as you floss between your teeth and gum line. Be careful not to let the thread rub against the gums.

You can use dental floss, a toothpick, or a ready-to-use cleaner. Consult a dentist to determine the most appropriate tool.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

Visit the dentist regularly. The frequency of visits to the dentist is determined by the health of your own teeth and gums. Most adults should visit the dentist at least once a year. The focus of dental care is prevention as well as your overall oral health.

4 Cara untuk Merangsang Pertumbuhan Gusi

See a specialist dentist. If your dentist thinks you need more intensive treatment, you should visit a specialist dentist. Specialist dentists can provide specialist treatment and surgery to promote gum growth. This treatment is usually expensive and invasive.

Treatments that may be used to repair the gums include scaling and root planing or gum grafting. Your dentist will help determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

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