25 Famous 2010s Heartthrobs: Then and Now Photos

Too often, when people talk about their ’90s and 2000s crushes, 2010s hotties get ignored. Well that ends today! The *exact* moment when 2010 became a hit, the boys’ bangs swept up, everyone wore fedoras, and there was an absurd amount of vests and plaids on display. Boy bands were making a comeback (you’ve probably chosen a side of the big guys 1D vs. BTR debate of 2011) and the Sprouse twins have officially left Disney. It was truly an era that should be written in the history books.

Thankfully, all of our favorites have had major glow-ups in the years since they first became obsessed. The stars of teenage wolf are now in their 30s Wolves, Harry Styles is, well, Harry Styles, and we might hear the phrase “Oscar-nominated Austin Butler” by this time next year. So if you were a teenager ripping off Justin Bieber posters J-14 or a full grown adult who gushed back in Channing Tatum back then, there’s something for everyone on this list of 2010s heartthrobs. Even better? A few of them are still single… 👀

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Hotter Celebrity Crush footage than ever. When Taylor Swift casts you as one of her ex-girlfriends in a music video, you’ve achieved maximum sexiness.

When it comes to teenage werewolves, Tyler has always come in a *very* close second place to Taylor Lautner. Sorry I don’t make the rules!

He’s entering his Bad Boy Tyler phase and I’m HERE for that.

He lit up our worlds like no other. Apologies to Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn.

To borrow a phrase from Lady Gaga: “Talent, brilliant, incredible, amazing, breathtaking, spectacular, never the same, absolutely unique, absolutely unprecedented.”

When you wore studded belts, you drew on your Converse with a Sharpie and listened ton of pop punk you probably had an avan jogia phase. Emo king right here.

Still brooding as ever, but now he’s a model. Because of course he’s…just see with him.

Troy Barnes was the best (and cutest!) character on the show community, and you won’t change my mind

Childish Gambino became Grown Man-ish Gambino right before our eyes. 😍

Hair pinned up, hooded vest, rhyming “swag on you” with “fondue”… pinnacle of the Bieber Fever era.

He has since gone from “boyfriend” to Hailey’s husband. Still the swaggies in my book.

If you Not Learned the choreo to “Boyfriend” and never screamed your lungs out at one of their concerts, you didn’t live that.

Still making (really damn catchy) music – and still hot. James, you stay my darling. *whispers “call me” into the abyss*

There was a time when Austin was just a Nickelodeon actor turned boyfriend to Vanessa Hudgens.

You could heard he played Elvis Presley, one of the hottest celebrities of all time, in 2022. Talk about a transformation.

If you claim you weren’t jealous of Miley Cyrus for dating him, stop lying to yourself.

AND he eats chips?? It’s just not fair, folks.

If he’s a 10 but has a hair color that blinds you when you look directly at him.

So much better! I love the hipster slash hippie vibe he has here.

new girl wouldn’t be the same without Winnie the Bish. Why was he so daft and yet so adorable in every episode?

Lamorne has matured like a fine wine. 🍷

Can’t you mention new girl sans Jake Johnson’s Nick Miller, Nick Miller partying from the streets of Chicago (sing along if you know the words).

The thick facial hair lends caveman chic, and that’s no bad thing.

Proof that Dave did it always the best Franco brother.

Brow game still very very strong.


Michael B. Jordan: Back then

Anyone remember the time Michael B. Jordan looked in a Letterman jacket on a red carpet 🔥? No? Just me? Cool.


Michael B Jordan: Now

Michael B. Jordan was named persons‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2020 for a reason!!

The words “teen heartthrob” are basically personified.


Dylan and Cole Sprouse: Then

The 2010s were beautiful suite for this nerdy-in-a-cute-way duo. Cole’s suspenders and man buns were very… fashion era.


Dylan and Cole Sprouse: Now

Can we as a society agree to never let Cole touch any blonde hair dye again? He looks good. But he might want to share his razor with Dylan, just to say.

David has captivated many Wizards of Waverly Place fan back during the day. 🔮🧙‍💫

You could have told me this picture was taken 11 years ago and I would have believed you. Except that he’s a father of three now, in case you’re feeling old today.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has rocked a fedora better than Harry. Seriously, his hats should have been there joy‘s opening credits

Luckily, he ditched the fedoras but kept that chiseled jawline.

Because he’s amazing… just the way he is.

Name a more stylish person. I’ll wait.

I mean…no explanation needed.

Less hair, but somehow even badass.

Raise your hand if you had a crush on Kendrick before he did famous famous. 🙋‍♀️

Since then, he’s changed the music world and the fashion world at once, no big deal.

He was So hot on Pretty little liarsI didn’t care if he ended up being A.

Still handsome, but at 5′ 10″ he’s not that small. And yes, I googled his height just to make this joke. You are welcome.

Playing Spider-Man increases your heartthrob status by 100 points. 🤷‍♀️

This is Andrew’s “sexy and I know it” pose.

*Resists the urge to yell and sing JASON DERUUULO.* But seriously, if there was ever a contest for best celebrity smile, the singer would undoubtedly win.

This leather jacket is SO tight and we have another fedora situation ahead of us. Yet your teenage self loved everything about it.

Cody is on his way to becoming an Olympic swimmer. Guess some hot people are just good at everything.

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